Yazd Reproductive Sciences Institute

Yazd Reproductive Sciences Institute

Yazd Reproductive Sciences Institute (YRSI)

Yazd Reproductive Sciences Institute (YRSI) was established in 1989 in Yazd, Iran through the effort of a group of experts at Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical Sciences and by launching a research project titled ''IVF success rate in infertile couples''. The institute was opened with the aims of introducing the latest technology for infertility treatments for the first time in Iran, providing innovative facilities to develop this technology in the province and nation and giving treatment to infertile couples who were forced to travel to European countries. Now, about 9,000 couples annually receive infertility treatments in this center.

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The YRSI was introduced as the center of excellence in infertility and reproduction by the Deputy for Education, Ministry of Health and Medical Education in 2000. This center was also selected as the exemplary research institute at Razi Research Festival on Medical Sciences in 2001.

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The YRSI is one of the nation’s leading infertility centers which has so far provided advanced infertility treatment for thousands of infertile couples using modern techniques. In addition to its national reputation, the YRSI is an internationally renowned center in reproductive medicine. It is also a scientific center for those who are interested in pursuing education and conducting research on various areas of reproduction and genetics. So far, numerous clinical, educational and research activities have been carried out in this institute and many projects are in progress right now.

The Yazd Reproductive Sciences Institute consists of three research centers, each focused on different fields of research:

. Research and Clinical Center for Infertility

. Research Center for Fertility

. Research Center for Stem Cell Biology

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The Yazd Reproductive Sciences Institute, affiliated with Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical Sciences, as the center of excellence in infertility and reproduction has the following missions:

. Research

The eminent professors and faculty members, students majored in reproductive biology, infertility fellowship students, researchers and experts discuss and conduct research on various issues of infertility and reproduction in this institute and annually publish their achievements in reputable journals.

. Education

To train PhD students majoring in reproductive biology, train infertility fellowship students in collaboration with different medical and paramedic groups, hold international congress, conference, seminar and workshop and give training in the form of poster, pamphlet, booklets and books are among the most important tasks of educational section of the institute. Moreover, the Iranian Journal of Reproductive Medicine is monthly published and covers the latest scientific and research projects.

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. Treatment

This institute, as the founder of infertility treatment in Iran, has treated many young infertile couples since 1989 and many of our country's first births have occurred in this center. Currently, most of the common treatment methods of the world are carried out in this well-equipped center.

Facilities and services

Andrology Clinic

. Services:

Main activities of full-time male infertility specialists in Andrology Clinic include:

. Diagnosis and Treatment of Infertility in men

. Diagnosis and Treatment of Genitourinary Tract Infections Associated with Infertility.

. Diagnosis and Treatment of Varicocele

. Diagnosis and Treatment of Ejaculatory Dysfunction

. Diagnosis and Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

. Testicular Sperm Extraction (TESE)

. Percutaneous Epididymal Sperm Aspiration (PESA)

. Micro TESE

. Electro Ejaculation (EE)

. Vasovasostomy

. Vasoepididimostomy

Genetics Consultation Clinic

. Services

. Assessing the patient, couple or family's subjective impression on the reason for referral to a genetic counselor.

. Explaining the reasons of genetic disorders for the counseled individual or couple.

. Drawing the pedigree to include at least 3 generations

. Reviewing all medical records

. Evaluating environmental factors on life-style and work

. Assessing the parents' reproductive history

. Describing the diagnosis, inheritance, prognosis and treatment of genetic disorders.

. Describing the required testing for early diagnosis of disorders in current pregnancy or in children born in the future, or other family members who may have a genetic problem.

. Providing adequate protection from the counseled individual or couple in order to help them make the best decision by using the information received from the genetic counselor and considering their family, religious and social conditions.

Gynecology clinic


. Patient management

. Induction of Ovulation

. Vaginal sonography

. Ocyte donation

. Surrogacy

Strengths and Achievements

. The first IUI birth in Iran in 1992

. The first ICSI birth in Iran in 1995

. The first PESA/ICSI birth in Iran in 1996

. The first TESE birth in Iran in 1997

. The first AZH birth in Iran in 1997

. The first pregnancy following frozen embryo transfer in Iran in 1997

. The first embryo transfer following testicular round spermatid injection and microinjection in 1998.

. The first IVM birth in Iran in 2007

. The first child birth following treatment using donated eggs in Iran in 1994.


. Research Center for Stem Cell Biology

. Research and Clinical Center for Infertility

. Research Center for Fertility

. Andrology Clinic

. Genetics Consultation Clinic

. Gynecology Clinic

. Nutrition Clinic

. Andrology Lab

. ART Lab

. ART research Lab

. Biotechnology Lab

. Genetic Lab

. Hormone research Lab

. Immunohistochemistry


. Serajedin Vahidi, MD (Urologist)

. Mohammad R. Moein, MD (Andrologist)

. Amirhossein Amirheidari, MD (Urologist)

. Samad Zare, MD (Urologist)

. Seyed Ali M. Mirjalili, MD

. Nasrin Ghasemi, MD/PhD

. Mohammad R. Dehghani, PhD

. Abbas Aflatoonian, MD

. Ali M. Abdoli Fahadan, MD

. Seyed Mehdi Kalantar, PhD

. Maryam Eftekhar, MD

. Mohammad A. khalili, PhD

. Ali R. Talebi, PhD

. Behrouz Aflatoonian, PhD

. Seyed Mojtaba Yassini Ardekani, MD

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