Which countries have banned surrogacy?

There was a time when Asian countries like India and Thailand were a hub for international surrogacy, but not anymore. During this time, international surrogacy means going to India or Thailand, as these two nations were offering affordable quality medical services with a considerable number of young and healthy surrogates. Adequate legal protection for intended parents and the cheapest surrogacy cost was the main reason for their popularity.

Nevertheless, a few adverse media reports and irregular malpractices make it quite visible for the government to ban surrogacy services for foreigners in these countries.

The other alternative surrogacy destination like Nepal and Cambodia came into existence, but could not last more than a year or two.   There was a time when most of the Indian IVF Clinics put their attention toward Nepal so that they can continue their operation in the nearby small country. As soon as surrogacy in Nepal was getting popular, the local Government stopped it, owing to international pressure and no experience of this new concept.

Same way once surrogacy in Thailand came to a halt, local Thailand surrogacy agencies moved their focus to surrogacy in Cambodia.  New IVF Clinics opened with the hope of offering surrogacy to international couples. But again, the absence of surrogacy laws with fear of human trafficking and overuse of the surrogacy services by many agents let it to banning of the surrogacy in Cambodia.

Surrogacy in India is also seeing its last day.  The Indian government banned foreign surrogacy in Oct 2015.  Now, they are in the process of passing a surrogacy bill 2016, to stop commercial surrogacy for its citizens as well.

Surrogacy in Mexico was popular in 2015.  It was offering an affordable yet legal surrogacy to numerous USA couples.  Owing to nearby geographically and low international surrogacy costs, many gay couples opted to do surrogacy in Mexico.  Unfortunately, this surrogacy option could not last long and surrogacy for the foreigner was banned in Mexico by early 2016.

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