Before Donor Egg Transfer

Before Donor Egg Transfer

Before Donor Egg Transfer

Using donor eggs for your IVF treatment isn’t just a case of undergoing an embryo transfer.

IVF with donor eggs is a carefully planned process, in particular for the recipient, so that your body is ready to receive the created embryo to maximize the chances of successful implantation. Here’s how we prepare you – and how you can prepare yourself – for IVF with donor eggs:

Synchronizing your cycles

Your treatment cycle and the donation cycle of your donor must be carefully synchronized, so that your uterus is prepared and ready to accept the embryo created using your donor’s eggs and your partner’s (or a donor’s) sperm.

To do this, we may first need to ‘switch off’ your usual monthly period and ovulation cycle. This is referred to as ‘down regulation,’ and is achieved using a combination of the contraceptive pill and hormonal medications. Or, you may undergo a hormone-controlled cycle without down regulation – your Iranian Surgery consultant will advise which specific approach is best for you.

At the same time, your chosen egg donor begins her own cycle of treatment, firstly undergoing ovarian stimulation, followed by egg collection and fertilization.

Preparing Your Body for Donor Egg IVF

As you are using donor eggs and not your own eggs, there is no ovarian stimulation needed for your IVF cycle. Instead, our focus is to ensure your uterus is ready to accept the embryo. This is achieved through a tailored drugs protocol unique to you, which encourages your uterus to grow its lining ready for the embryo to implant.

You’ll undergo an ultrasound scan, where we’ll measure the thickness of the lining to ensure it’s at the optimum level for implantation. You’re then given a date for your embryo transfer.

How You Can Prepare Yourself for IVF With Donor Eggs

It makes sense to ensure your health is at its optimum before you begin your IVF with donor eggs treatment cycle. This may involve overhauling your diet and lifestyle, or you may find holistic therapies for fertility useful, such as acupuncture.

Many women who undergo IVF with donor eggs prepare as they would for natural conception, by taking recommended pre-conception vitamins and supplements such as folic acid. But please check with us first if you do wish to take any kind of supplements, so we can ensure that they won’t interfere with any medications you need for your treatment.

All women who have IVF with donor eggs also receive counselling at Iranian Surgery, from our expert team. These sessions not only give you answers to any questions you might have about the implications of your treatment for you, your partner and any future child, but are a chance for you to talk through your feelings about using donor eggs. So, you can begin your treatment confidently and with positivity.

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