What Happens If I Lose Weight After Liposuction?

What Happens If I Lose Weight After Liposuction?

What Happens If I Lose Weight After Liposuction?

Fat cells are distinct in their behavior in comparison to other kinds of cells. Upon reaching adulthood, the total number of fat cells in the human body remains quite stable. Weight loss and gain do not occur by adding or reducing fat cells. Rather, it happens when the existing fat cells get smaller or bigger.

In case the patient has excess fat cells in specific sites, such as the thighs, lower belly, or neck, these areas will be challenging to reduce with diet and exercise alone. Additionally, if a person loses weight, all of their fat cells will shrink, not merely in their “problem” areas.

This means that places, where they might appreciate having some volume (such as the breasts), will reduce in size along with the rest of their body when they lose weight. Summarily, their overall proportions will not change much without external intervention.

Weight Gain/Loss Post Liposuction

Patients will commonly wonder what the effects of liposuction will be on their weight and more specifically their ability to gain or lose weight in treated and untreated areas.  After puberty, an individual will have the same population of fat cells for the remainder of their lives (barring an intervention). Any changes in weight will manifest not as more or less fat cells but rather swelling or shrinking of those very same fat cells. Liposuction destroys or reduces the population of fat cells in a treated area. These cells once gone are gone for good. The treated areas now harbor a reduced population of cells and consequentially have a reduced potential for weight gain or weight loss. However, a reduced potential does not make changes in these areas absolutely impossible. The remaining cells can still swell with weight gain potentially compromising a cosmetic result.

The final component is the least understood. This is that of weight/fat distribution. It remains unclear how the body directs particular populations to change. Patients will often lament that attempts at weight loss are frustrated by losses in areas not targeted and weight gain by contrast goes directly to perceived problem areas. It is impossible to predict how a patient will respond to weight gain. While we know that treated areas must theoretically have a lower potential for growth by virtue of reduced adipocyte populations, this does not necessarily always hold true with some patients always demonstrating the effects of weight gain in the same predictable areas. Similarly, post operative weight gain is not always manifested in untreated areas.

How long does Liposuction Last?

Liposuction manually eliminates fat cells from treatment areas. A skilled plastic surgeon can help “even the playing field” by suctioning out excess fat cells in a precise pattern, reducing the total number of fat cells and contouring the area for a more proportional, desirable shape.

The good news is that the outcomes of liposuction can last for several years. The fat cells are manually removed, and the body cannot re-grow them. Therefore, these cells are permanently eliminated.

In addition, the patient will not accumulate more fat in the remaining cells in the treated sites if they maintain a stable weight and follow a balanced lifestyle.

It is a common myth that fat cells eliminated from one area will show up in another. While this is untrue, the patient will still need to be vigilant about following a healthy diet and exercise regimen.

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