Treata Heart Hospital

Iran, Shiraz

About Hospital

Specialty and Subspecialty Treata Hospital was founded on an area of 6000 square meters with a building of nearly 2000 square meters on 18 stories. This well-equipped hospital is designed for 200 hospital beds and will be expanded in the near future.

To provide patients with high quality medical services, Founders of Treata have utilized state-of-the-art technologies as well as specialty and subspecialty medical teams who are highly experienced.

  • The hospital benefits from various surgical and internal departments
  • The hospital benefits from many specialty and subspecialty departments
  • The hospital benefits from many well-trained and skilled surgeons of all specialties.
  • The hospital has a 24-hour pharmacy providing patients with its services
  • The hospital can provide patients with emergency Air medical services
  • The hospital benefits from patient panels situated next to the patient bed providing patients with all the facilities such as TV, Internet and other entertainments.
  • International Patients Department (IPD) has actively provided international patient with high quality services in the hospital.
  • Active presence of IPD physicians and nurses in the hospital.
  • Brochures written in both English and Arabic languages provide patients with all the necessary information about the hospital.
  • The hospital benefits from the staff speaking both Arabic and English languages fluently.
Specialty and Subspecialty departments
  • Cardiac, echocardiography and exercise test
  • Internal and endoscopy
  • Hematology and oncology
  • Rheumatology
  • Nephrology and hemodialysis
  • Lung and bronchoscopy
  • Endocrines
  • Obstetrics and gynecology
  • Midwifery and infertility
  • ENT (ear, nose and throat specialist) and sinusoidal endoscopy
  • Skin and laser
  • Kidney and urinary tracts
  • Plastic and reconstructive surgery
  • General surgery
  • Orthopedic
  • Pediatrician
  • Neurosurgery
  • Eye and LASEK
  • Optometry
  • Photography
  • YAG laser capsulotomy
  • YAG laser Iridotomy
  • Perimetry
  • Audiometry and hearing aid
  • Physical medicine and rehabilitation
  • Physiotherapy
  • Nutrition
  • Endoscopy, ERCP, sonography
  • Pharmacy
  • Conference hall
  • Library
  • Restaurant and buffet
  • CT SCAN, MRI, mammography, radiology, sonography; densitometry of bone
  • Lab (pathology, biochemistry, hematology, genetics microbiology)
  • Radiotherapy
  • Angiography and angioplasty
  • . Dr. Ali Bashardoost
  • . Dr. Mohammadreza Bashiripour
  • . Dr. Amir Ebrahim Safarzadeh
  • . Dr. Alireza Rajabinejad
  • . Dr. Masoumeh Gholamipour
  • . Dr. Mohammad Jahangiri Lahegani

. Dr. Mojtaba Khakpour


. Dr. Farshad Shalchi Amirkhiz

  • . Dr. Shahin Forouzandehfar
  • . Dr. Saeed Reza Entezari
ENT specialist
  • . Dr. Abdulhosein Jahanian
  • . Dr. Ahmad Nazem Bafghi
Gynecologist and Infertility Specialist
  • . Dr. Azita Naseri
  • . Dr. Gita Nemati
  • . Dr. Forough Nezhadi Salami
  • . Dr. Azita Dorabadi Zare
  • . Dr. Nila Tabasi
Orthopedic Specialist
  • . Dr. Mohammad Rouhi
  • . Dr. Reza Tavakoli Darestani
  • . Dr. Mozhgan Shahni
Cardiologist – Interventional Cardiology Specialist
  • . Dr. Maria Saadatian
Cardiologist – Adult CHD Specialist
  • . Dr. Fariborz Safapour
General Surgery Specialist
  • . Dr. Mohammad Hamid Karbasian
  • . Dr. Mohammad Foad Molla Hoseini
  • . Dr. Nader Ghazanfari Amlashi
Lung specialist
  • . Dr. Mohammadreza Kasraei
Specialist in Plastic Surgery, Reconstruction and Burn Surgery
  • . Dr. Mahmood Razaghi Kashani
Dermatologist – Board of Dermatologists
  • . Dr. Hamidreza Ojaghi
Gastrointestinal Specialist

. Dr. Mahdi Yamini

Colorectal surgery specialist
  • . Dr. Saman Mohammadipour
Urologist – Specialist in urinary and genital cancers
  • . Dr. Majid Safavi
Infectious Disease Specialist
  • . Dr. Reza Ebadi
  • . Dr. Mohsen Ghani
Adult Blood and Cancer Diseases Specialist (Adult Hematology & Oncology)
  • . Dr. Babak Shazad
Internal Medicine Specialist
  • . Dr. Behrooz Imanzadeh

Family accommodation
Free Wifi
Health insurance coordination
International newspapers
Interpreter services
Local tourism options
Local transportation booking
Medical records transfer
Medical travel insurance
Mobility accessible rooms
Parking available
Phone in the room
Private rooms for patients available
Religious facilities
Safe in the room
Special dietary requests accepted
Translation services
TV in the room

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