Swelling Under Chin After Facelift

If you’re unhappy with your appearance, it may be time to consider the potential benefits of a facelift.  For many, this cosmetic surgical procedure can seem daunting, but when you understand what to expect following surgery, you may feel more comfortable moving ahead, especially when you stand to regain your youthful appearance and your confidence. What can you expect in terms of swelling and recovery following a facelift procedure?  Here’s what you should know before you decide if a facelift is right for you.

The First Week After Your Facelift

There’s no way to sugar-coat this – the week after surgery can feel a little unnerving.  A face lift is a surgical procedure designed to tighten the skin of the face, removing excess tissues and tightening facial muscles. It’s normal – and expected – to experience some discomfort or pain, which is why you’ll receive detailed instructions and a prescription for pain medication following your procedure.

Significant swelling and bruising are typical during the first few days after surgery, which is why you’ll be instructed to apply ice intermittently for the first three days, to reduce swelling.  After this, you’ll want to apply warm compresses to swollen areas to promote healing by bringing new red blood cells to the area while dead blood cells are carried away.

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Swelling Under the Chin

A week after your facelift surgery the swelling might descend with gravity and there can be a bit of a new double chin – which is temporary of course. The stitches will come out painlessly but the facial skin is still completely numb at this stage. After another week has passed, you might start to get tingling sensations or pins and needles as the feeling starts to return but usually this is later on. Swelling under the chin can be worse in the mornings and after salty foods. As the swelling subsides you might notice lumps and bumps but again these will soften and fade.

How Long Will the Swelling Under the Chin Last After a Facelift?

After you have a facelift, the swelling in your chin will gradually subside but it could take a few more weeks. Sometimes the type of facelift can affect swelling.  Some plastic surgeons often perform short scar face lifts which certainly limit swelling and speed recovery.  However, some patients may require more extensive surgery in the neck which may prolong recovery. Gentle compression can be helpful. Make sure that you are following your surgeon’s postoperative instructions and follow up to ensure that you are healing according to plan.

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Stages of Facelift Recovery

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