Neck Tightness After Facelift

Neck Tightness After Facelift

Neck Tightness After Facelift

Facelift surgery can be an ideal anti-aging procedure to consider if you’re goal is to look years younger. While the facelift is one of the most common procedures in plastic surgery, each patients’ face and aesthetic goals are different.

A facelift procedure is a surgery, so patients should be well-informed and have realistic about expectations. There will be side effects after the procedure that can cause temporary tightness in the neck area. This is a normal part of the process, and any discomfort will only be temporary.

Why Do You Feel Neck Tightness After Facelift?

Following a facelift surgery, you can expect to experience some numbness around your ear lobes, face and neck for several weeks after surgery. Tightness during mouth opening is not uncommon. Likewise, a feeling of tightness in your neck is also not unusual after surgery. This sensation is most pronounced in the first 1-to-2 days after surgery, while the bulky dressing is in place. This dressing may give rise to a slight sense of labored breathing or a mild difficulty with swallowing. While healing, turn your head from the shoulders, rather than twisting your neck.

It is not unusual during the healing phase, to note some irregularities under the skin. These small distortions will gradually subside and eventually resolve. Small bumps under the skin are present where sutures were placed to resuspend the muscles of the face and neck. The skin often feels stiff while it is healing. Although most of these things resolve over a period of several weeks, be prepared to wait at least 6 months for your facelift to completely heal inside and out.

My Neck Is Really Stiff 4 Months After Facelift, Is This Normal?

To best answer this question, you should be examined in person. There are several reasons that you may feel stiff.  Numbness of the neck after surgery alone can give one the perception of stiffness. This can take 6 months are greater to improve. Also, some people subconsciously reduce the amount that they move their neck after surgery, which can lead to stiffness in that area.  Other reasons are possible as well but an examination would be necessary. Discuss your issue with your surgeon.

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