Sinus Lift Side Effects

Sinus Lift Side Effects

Sinus Lift Side Effects

Side Effects of a Sinus Lift

If you are considering having a sinus lift procedure, it is important to know that this procedure will significantly alter the structure of your upper jawbone, and will involve a recovery period, during which there will be swelling and discomfort. A local anesthetic will be administered to reduce sensation and dental sedation may be provided as well. Depending on the type of dental sedation used, it is possible that you will experience some side effects following the procedure, which may include:

. Dry mouth

. Nausea

. Dizziness

. Lightheadedness

. Headache

. Fogginess

. No memory of procedure being performed

Many patients will not experience any side effects from sedation, but for those who do, these side effects should wear off a few hours after treatment is complete. If these issues persist, contact your dental office.

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