Primary Ovarian Insufficiency Causes

Primary Ovarian Insufficiency Causes

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Primary Ovarian Insufficiency Causes


Primary ovarian insufficiency may be caused by:

. Chromosome changes. Some genetic disorders are associated with primary ovarian insufficiency. These include conditions in which you have one typical X chromosome and one altered X chromosome (mosaic Turner syndrome) and in which X chromosomes are fragile and break (fragile X syndrome).

. Toxins. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy are common causes of toxin-induced ovarian failure. These therapies can damage genetic material in cells. Other toxins such as cigarette smoke, chemicals, pesticides and viruses might hasten ovarian failure.

. An immune system response to ovarian tissue (autoimmune disease). In this rare form, your immune system produces antibodies against your ovarian tissue, harming the egg-containing follicles and damaging the egg. What triggers the immune response is unclear, but exposure to a virus is one possibility.

. Unknown factors. The cause of primary ovarian insufficiency is often unknown (idiopathic). Your health care provider might recommend further testing to find the cause, but in many cases, the cause remains unclear.

Risk factors

Factors that increase your risk of developing primary ovarian insufficiency include:

. Age. The risk goes up between ages 35 and 40. Although rare before age 30, primary ovarian insufficiency is possible in younger women and even in teens.

. Family history. Having a family history of primary ovarian insufficiency increases your risk of developing this disorder.

. Ovarian surgery. Surgeries involving the ovaries increase the risk of primary ovarian insufficiency.

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