LATERA Implant Problems

LATERA Implant Problems

LATERA Implant Problems

What is LATERA?

LATERA is an absorbable nasal implant that is placed inside the nasal wall by your physician. A small cannula, or tube, is inserted just inside the nostril. When the cannula tip reaches its target, a clear, thin absorbable implant is placed in a supporting position. The cannula is then removed. The implant provides the patient with ongoing cartilage support, preventing nasal valve collapse and delivering relief from nasal obstruction symptoms.

Does LATERA Work?

LATERA provided significant quality of life improvements. Two years following the procedure, patients surveyed report a significant reduction in their nasal obstruction symptoms.

A 2017 clinical study showed that LATERA patients experienced:

. Reduced nasal congestion or stuffiness

. Less trouble breathing through the nose

. Improved ability to get enough air through the nose during exercise or exertion

. Reduced nasal blockage or obstruction

. Less trouble sleeping

Are There any Risks?

Like any procedure, LATERA comes with risks. Patients may experience temporary symptoms such as mild bruising and inflammation, awareness of the implant, and mild pain or irritation. Other risks include discomfort, infection, reaction to material, and need for the device to be removed. However, patients experience no long-term adverse cosmetic changes with the LATERA implant.

There are very few risks associated with Latera. The dissolvable implant is made from a material that has been safely used in medicine for many years. The risk of reaction to the polylactic acid is minimal, as is the risk of infection because only a small nick in the skin is made to insert the implant. The more common effects that may occur after Latera treatment include mild irritation or discomfort at the insertion point or area in which the implant is positioned. Some patients may encounter slight inflammation or bruising. These side effects should diminish within a few days. There is a small risk the implant may be extruded by the body and may need to be replaced.

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