Laser Procedure for Glaucoma in iran

Laser Procedure for Glaucoma in iran

Laser Procedure for Glaucoma in Iran

Laser surgeries have become important in the treatment of different eye problems and diseases. There are several types of laser surgery in Iran used to treat glaucoma.
The type of laser surgery will depend on the form of glaucoma and how severe it is. Lasers produce a focused beam of light that can make a very small burn or opening in your eye tissue, depending on the strength of the light beam. Laser surgeries are performed in an outpatient setting in your doctor’s office or in a hospital clinic.
During the laser surgery, the eye is numbed so that there is little or no pain. The eye doctor then holds a special lens to the eye. The laser beam is aimed into the eye, and there is a bright light, like a camera flash.

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This article addresses the use of lasers to lower eye pressure as a treatment for glaucoma in Iran, and explains what to expect during the procedure.
Glaucoma is a chronic, progressive deterioration of the optic nerve

, the bundle of nerve fibers at the back of the eye that carry visual messages from the retina to the brain. Glaucoma is often caused or worsened by pressure inside the eye (intraocular pressure) that is too high for the continued health of the optic nerve.
Managing Eye Pressure
Glaucoma treatment is aimed primarily at reducing the intraocular pressure to a safe level that will prevent or at least slow the nerve damage. Eye pressure is the major risk factor in the development of optic nerve damage from glaucoma and is the only factor that doctors can currently treat. In most cases, treatment consists of eye drops or laser surgery that either improves the drainage of fluid or reduces the formation of fluid inside the eye. Either medications or laser surgery can be used as “first-line” treatment. Typically patients will have a preference for one or the other and we will discuss that in greater detail below.

Types of laser Surgery for treatment glaucoma

Advances in laser surgery are providing effective alternatives to treat glaucoma. Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty, or SLT, is a highly effective out-patient laser procedure that reduces IOP by stimulating a natural healing response. SLT, a patented low energy laser treatment method, uses a unique combination of minimal energy and short laser pulses. One-time SLT treatment results in eye pressure drop equivalent to the pressure drop experienced from daily use of eye drops. However, SLT is not associated with the systemic side effects, cost issues, and need for daily use.

I decided to do Laser Procedure for Glaucoma in Iran. What should I do?

You do not need to worry about Laser Procedure for Glaucoma until you pay more attention to all these issues before proceeding. The important thing is to find a eye Hospital And Eye surgeon. If you are looking for Laser Procedure for Glaucoma cost in Iran , you can contact us and Get free consultation from Iranian surgery.

The Laser Procedure for Glaucoma Process in Iran

Just like any other surgery, you should check your medical records with a professional doctor. To do this, you must send us all your medical files and medical IDs. We will connect you with the best doctors, hospitals and clinics in Iran, and then you can ask any questions you have in mind.
By traveling to Iran, you can save the most money and get the highest quality of Laser Procedure for Glaucoma.

iranian surgeryPriority should be given before Laser Procedure for Glaucoma in Iran

• Consultation with eye surgeon before traveling to Iran
• Estimated cost of Laser Procedure for Glaucoma in Iran
• Duration of treatment in Iran
• Travel expenses to Iran.

Does Laser Procedure for Glaucoma cost in Iran less than other countries?

Low price is one of the most important features of surgery in Iran. This is because the cost is less than 100 to 300 percent of the price of Laser Procedure for Glaucoma in Europe, Turkey, Qatar and the United States, while maintaining the same efficiency.

Who is the best surgeon in Laser Procedure for Glaucoma in Iran?

Most surgeons in Eye surgery in Iran have high experience in eye surgery.
Most Iranian surgeons graduate from reputable American and European universities and have enough experience to do so.

Laser Procedure for Glaucoma Package In Iran

We offer the best Laser Procedure for Glaucoma Package in Iran at the most affordable prices. Our Nystagmus treatment Package in Iran includes flight ticket, hotel, pick up, clinic and transfer.
Hotel / Transfer/ Full board / Visa
Items included in the package:
Clinic and doctor visits
laboratory tests
medical photography
Laser Procedure for Glaucoma surgery in hospital
post-operative care
recovery and follow-up

10 common question about laser treatment for glaucoma

1How long does it take to recover from glaucoma laser surgery?
The recovery in this case may be accompanied by slight pain or discomfort and it generally lasts longer compared to laser glaucoma surgery. Recovery time after conventional glaucoma surgery usually does not last longer than 3-4 weeks. In rare occasions, it may linger up to several months.
2Is laser surgery for glaucoma painful?
Pain or Discomfort from Glaucoma Laser Surgery There is a slight stinging sensation associated with LPI and ALT. In YAG CP laser surgery, a local anesthetic is used to numb the eye. Once the eye has been numbed, there should be little or no pain and discomfort.
3Is Glaucoma Surgery dangerous?
In the short term after your operation, glaucoma surgery temporarily disrupts your vision. It is important to understand that permanent vision can be reduced, or even, in very rare instances, totally lost as a result of any of these glaucoma operations; however, vision loss is not a common permanent side effect.
4What are the side effects of laser surgery for glaucoma?
However,the side effects of laser treatment were temporary or made no apparentdifference in the long run, while the side effects of eyedrops weretroublesome for some patients for as long as the drops were used.Eyedrops used for glaucoma treatment can cause discomfort in the eye,blurry vision, headaches, and fast or ...
5Is laser treatment for glaucoma safe?
Laser surgery is often used in open-angle glaucoma (the most common form of this eye disease) when medications do not work, are unlikely to work, or produce intolerable side effects. In some patients, laser surgery may be the first mode of therapy if eye drops are not practical or are unlikely to be used properly.
6Are you awake during glaucoma surgery?
Patients who have their surgery under local anaesthesia are awake during the operation but will have the option of requesting light sedation. ... Patients will be aware of the surgeon working around the eye, but should not feel pain.
7Can Laser Surgery stop glaucoma?
Glaucoma can be treated with eye drops, pills, laser surgery, traditional surgery or a combination of these methods. ... The good news is that glaucoma can be managed if detected early, and that with medical and/or surgical treatment, most people with glaucoma will not lose their sight.
8What foods to avoid if you have glaucoma?
You should avoid foods like baked goods such as cookies, cakes, donuts or fried items like French fries or stick margarine to steer clear from worsening your glaucoma. It may also improve your eye health.
9What is the best glaucoma surgery?
Trabeculectomy, still considered the gold standard in glaucoma surgery (commonly performed today with an antimetabolite such as mitomycin-C), remains the most commonly performed glaucoma surgery, with a high success rate in most groups and glaucoma diagnoses, especially in the hands of an experienced surgeon.
10Is having glaucoma a disability?
Social Security will grant disability benefits for glaucoma that has severely affected central and/or peripheral vision. Glaucoma is not a disease by itself, but refers to a group of optic nerve diseases that can cause blindness.


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