Is Egg Retrieval Painful Without Anesthesia?

Is Egg Retrieval Painful Without Anesthesia?

Can you do an egg retrieval without anesthesia?

Is egg retrieval painful without sedation?

Can you be awake for egg retrieval?

Whether as part of the process of in vitro fertilization(IVF) , because you are an egg donor, or because you are considering freezing your eggs for later use, undergoing an egg retrieval is likely to raise some questions in your mind. Understanding how the process works can help set your mind at ease.

How It Works

An egg retrieval typically takes place under some form of sedation, so you will not feel any pain. A needle is attached to an internal ultrasound probe, which is inserted into the vagina. The healthcare provider uses the ultrasound to see the ​ovaries and locate the ovarian follicles. The needle punctures each follicle, and a gentle suction is applied to remove the egg and fluid within the follicle. An embryologist then evaluates the fluid and finds the egg.

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Will the Egg Retrieval Hurt without Anesthesia?

Since the procedure involves advancing the needle through tissues discomfort or pain are inevitable. However, different patients will have different thresholds to tolerating it. The majority of the patients will have conscious sedation or general anesthesia so they will not be aware of the pain or discomfort. A skilled reproductive endocrinologist will be able to offer this procedure without anesthesia or use only local anesthesia. The most suitable patient for retrievals without anesthesia are patients undergoing natural cycle IVF since the great majority of the patients will have a single follicle. The needle needs to be introduced only once and does not need to be manipulated much within the ovary. Many patients will be able to tolerate this procedure without any anesthesia.

One of the most important things is that the patient remains still and does not move despite the discomfort or pain. If the patient moves while the needle is inside, there is a chance that the needle can be unintentionally displaced and injuries of adjacent organs blood vessels or nerves can occur. If the patient doubts that she can remain still during the egg retrieval without anesthesia, she should not attempt this approach.

While the partners are almost never allowed to be within the operating room during egg retrieval under anesthesia, at Iranian Surgery, we encourage the presence of the partner during egg retrievals without anesthesia for emotional support. The patient and the partner will have the unique opportunity to follow the process of oocyte retrieval live.

While this method should be reserved for patient with a low number of eggs to be retrieved, here at Iranian Surgery, we have been able to retrieve over 10 eggs without anesthesia in patients who for different reasons elected no sedation, but were good about tolerating the discomfort or pain of egg retrieval. The downside of doing this with a larger number of follicles is that the physician is limited by the patient feeling every movement of the needle and the procedure has to be done very slow and with a strong focus on minimizing her discomfort, rather than being free to move the needle in any direction and focused on getting every single egg.

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