In Which Countries Surrogacy Is Legal?

In Which Countries Surrogacy Is Legal?

In Which Countries Surrogacy Is Legal?

Was surrogacy legal in India in 2023?

In which countries is surrogacy legal? Was surrogacy legal in Iran in 2022?






$ 100,000



$ 52,000


$ 49,950


$ 49,950


$ 45,000

If you are thinking about going through with a surrogacy program but you don’t have the required facilities or qualified clinics and doctors in your own country or surrogacy is not even legal where you live, you’ll need to seriously research international surrogacy laws to make sure you will end up in the right place.

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Not many nations around the world have accepted surrogacy as an eligible means of bringing a child into this world. In fact, many countries either strictly restrict or completely outlaw the practice of surrogacy. In this article, we’ll detail the laws in countries around the world to help you make the right decision and at the same time guarantee that if you are considering international surrogacy your best bet is coming to Iran in which Surrogacy has been legal for many years now and doctors and clinics are more than qualified and equipped to help you realize your dream of having a baby.

Is Surrogacy Legal?

The legality of surrogacy varies from country to country. Countries such as Turkey, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Bulgaria prohibit all forms of surrogacy. In countries including the UK, Ireland, Denmark and Belgium, surrogacy is allowed only if the surrogate mother doesn’t get paid, or is only paid for reasonable expenses. Paying the mother, a fee (known as commercial surrogacy) is prohibited. Commercial surrogacy is legal in some US states, and countries such as Iran, India, Russia and Ukraine.

People who want to be parents usually consider international surrogacy if their home country does not allow surrogacy, or if they cannot find a surrogate. However, even there, the laws may vary. For example, some Australian states have criminalized going to another country for commercial surrogacy, while others permit it.

Countries Where Surrogacy is Legal

In some countries, the national government does not regulate surrogacy, but certain states and provinces do. Keep in mind: Just because a country or province does not have federal laws prohibiting surrogacy does not mean it’s the best choice for an international surrogacy. A lack of regulations can quickly open up the possibility of ethically questionable procedures.

countries where surrogacy is legal

If you’re thinking about going for an international surrogacy, there’s really only one country that has firmly defined laws that protect both surrogates and intended parents from possible legal challenges: Iran and maybe the US.

In Iran, the practice is well-regulated and the process is completed legally and ethically and at the same time you are going to deal with professionals and specialists who know what they are doing and are more than qualified to help you get what you seek. Another point that deserves to mentioned is the cost of surrogacy in Iran which is considerably lower than any other country owing to its undermined currency. Therefore, Iran is usually the best choice for international intended parents.

In the US, while surrogacy laws do vary by state, in the states where surrogacy is allowed the quality of the surrogacy services that are offered is quite acceptable.     

There are several countries where surrogacy is not prohibited — but not really regulated, either:

. Kenya: No formal law, although commercial surrogacy is “permissible” and there are certain legal protections in place

. Malaysia: No formal law; commercial surrogacy is “permissible” and legal guidelines are currently under review

. Nigeria: No formal law; commercial surrogacy “permissible”

Because the legalities surrounding surrogacy in these countries can be vague and unclear, it’s important to seek serious counsel from a lawyer if you’re considering surrogacy in Kenya, Malaysia or Nigeria. Less restriction may make surrogacy possible, but it usually creates ethical issues with no laws protecting surrogates and intended parents during the process.

If you’re considering international surrogacy, you should look to a country with well-defined, well-regulated surrogacy laws for completing your parenthood journey — Iran.

Countries Where Surrogacy is Restricted

Other countries may allow surrogacy, but only provided certain standards are met and this can actually make the process more difficult or ethically questionable. Many countries do not tolerate compensated surrogacy, which means intended parents must already have someone such as a close friend or family member in that country who is willing to go through with an altruistic surrogacy. In other countries, surrogacy may be banned entirely for non-citizens — making it impossible for an international intended parent to pursue a surrogacy there.

If intended parents have the choice between a surrogacy-friendly country like Iran and one that restricts surrogacy, it would be best to choose the former. Choosing a surrogacy-restricted country may result in legal difficulties for intended parents trying to bring their baby back to their native country.

Where Do People Go for Surrogacy?

Experts say that countries popular with parents for surrogacy arrangements are Iran, US, India, Thailand, Ukraine and Russia.

Mexico, Nepal, Poland and Georgia are also among the countries described as possibilities for surrogacy arrangements. Costs vary significantly from country to country, and also depend on the number of IVF cycles needed, and whether health insurance is required. Here is a list of approximate average costs in different countries:

. Iran – $8200

. US - $ 100,000

. India - $ 47,350

. Thailand - $ 52,000

. Ukraine - $ 49,950

. Georgia - $ 49,950

. Mexico - $ 45,000

So, as you can see, even considering the costs Iran seems to be the most reasonable choice. Not to mention that Iran has a very long history of surrogacy and the parents know there are established frameworks in place, so there is safety associated with going there.

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