How to Avoid Weight Gain after Plastic Surgery

Patients often undergo body contouring surgery to reduce fat in certain areas of the body, or remove areas of excess skin that have developed as a result of weight gain. When patients don’t maintain a healthy lifestyle after surgery, they run the risk of gaining weight and stretching out the skin again, reversing the results of the cosmetic surgery procedures. In most cases, this is because of a lack of proper diet and exercise. Those who have undergone liposuction and tummy tuck procedures want to be especially careful not to gain weight, which will counteract the effects of surgery. Fortunately, there are many ways to avoid weight gain after plastic surgery.

Causes Of Weight Gain

There are two main causes for the weight that some patients gain after plastic surgery. These include an unhealthy lifestyle, as well as the swelling and collection of fluids that result from surgery. Both of these causes can be addressed, but in different ways.

The first few weeks after a surgery, even a person who normally lives a healthy lifestyle will experience swelling as a normal part of the healing process. This will gradually subside during the first six weeks of the healing process. In addition, fluids may accumulate in the treatment area. This accumulation of fluids may add pounds, but will eventually drain out of the body.

Weight gain as a result of an unhealthy lifestyle is the concern. A person who is normally very active can gain weight if she spends weeks without exercising, in order to heal. During the healing period, patients should maintain a healthy diet, especially because they will be unable to engage in heavy exercise at this time; they can also engage in light walks. Following the first six weeks after surgery, patients should continue to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly.


After plastic surgery, not only is eating right essential to the healing process, it is also essential to preventing weight gain. It is very easy to opt for fast food or junk food. However, these foods can depress the metabolism and cause the patient to quickly gain weight. Patients should stick to fruits and vegetables that are high in the nutrients the body needs.


Though heavy exercise should be avoided, at least for the first few weeks after plastic surgery, the patient should return to activity as soon as the doctor approves it. Maintaining the results of a liposuction procedure can be difficult if the patient is not willing to put in the requisite exercise. During the healing process, low-impact cardio exercises will likely be the patient’s primary exercise. Once the patient is allowed to lift heavy objects, he or she should begin lifting weights to build up muscle mass and rev up the metabolism. Exercise is an integral part of losing or maintaining weight. Exercise should be used in conjunction with a healthy diet to avoid gaining weight.

Here are a few more tips:

Increase daily activity

Another easy way to ramp up your metabolism and avoid a sedentary lifestyle is by incorporating more activity in your daily routine. If your job entails long hours in front of a computer, consider a standing desk, which can help circulation. Take the stairs instead of the escalator. Look for ways to incorporate more walking or biking into your life, whether it’s commuting to work on foot or planning bike rides with friends.

Lower stress levels

It may be hard to avoid stress altogether, but finding ways to reduce it can actually keep you slimmer. That’s because stress raises cortisol levels in the body, which makes us crave salty, fatty foods. In periods of high stress, most people tend to eat more than usual causing insulin levels to spike. This, in turn, causes our bodies to store fat more efficiently, leading to weight gain.

Don’t skip meals or skimp on water intake

Skipping breakfast or lunch may save a few hundred calories, but it isn’t the smartest way to keep the pounds from creeping back. When the body is starved, the metabolism actually slows down, which produces the opposite effect. Instead, aim for 4-5 small meals each day and stay hydrated. Water helps fill you up, and being well hydrated also helps boost the metabolism.

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