How Many Follicles Do You Have with Twins?

How Many Follicles Do You Have with Twins?

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How Many Follicles Do You Have with Twins?

IVF is an effective solution for couples who are struggling to conceive. However, it can be a very unpredictable process and, while some women might get pregnant straight away with IVF, it might take several cycles for others – it’s entirely dependent on each individual as age, general health, lifestyle and other variables come into play.

IVF Injections

Preparing for Egg Retrieval with IVF Injections

The IVF egg retrieval process starts with your doctor prescribing you a series of medications (usually shots) that aid your ovaries in producing multiple mature eggs at once. Retrieving multiple eggs will increase your chances of success because not all eggs will fertilize or develop normally after fertilization.

Before you start medications to stimulate your ovaries to produce eggs, you will have an appointment to measure your uterine lining and check your ovaries for follicles or possible cysts. If the ultrasound is normal, a nurse will review your individual calendar and confirm when you can start medications to stimulate egg development.

Injection Instructions

Depending on the type of injection, you may have to mix and prepare your medicine before injection. Injection sites may also vary on the type of injection you are giving yourself. Your nurse will provide you with specific instructions for the injections you need to take.

As you continue your IVF cycle, you will have morning appointments starting day 5 of your injections. You will also have blood work done at these visits. Your doctor will order more ultrasounds and blood tests as needed each day. Your doctor may also need to change the dose of your medication.

You will need to be available by phone during your IVF cycle. Your nurse may need to contact you with important information about your medications and appointments. It is imperative that you have an identifiable voicemail, as we will need to reach patients during the process, and cannot leave a message without an identified voicemail. On average, it takes about eight days to two weeks from when you begin taking the hormone medication until your eggs are mature and ready for retrieval.

What Can You Do to Make Your Egg Quality Better?

To improve the health of your eggs, we recommend a healthy balanced diet that limits the amount of highly processed foods. We also recommend moderate exercise and an overall healthy lifestyle.

However, once you begin your IVF injections, it’s important not to exercise vigorously as the medication will enlarge your ovaries and too vigorous exercise can cause the ovary to twist and cut off the blood supply.

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