Has Anyone Died from Liposuction?

Has Anyone Died from Liposuction?

Has Anyone Died from Liposuction?

Dying from liposuction should be very rare, especially if you go to a board-certified plastic surgeon. Most of the deaths from liposuction, have been by non-plastic surgeons, especially in settings where they put you to sleep and the doctor, or whomever is doing the procedure, tries to take out too much fat and makes the procedure take way too long and they give too much fluid and drugs. There is a reason why board-certified plastic surgeons, have many, many years of training in plastic surgery after medical school. It is amazing how some people, will so often, ignore this fact and instead, look for the cheapest way to get a procedure done. We strongly advise for ANY surgical procedure, that you look for a fully board-certified plastic surgeon and not some “cosmetic doctor”.

So, the answer is yes, it’s possible that a patient may die from liposuction. However, they could also die from other cosmetic surgical procedures. Liposuction is the most common cosmetic procedure performed around the world. The number of deaths is minimal compared to the thousands of happy and satisfied patients. Before undertaking any invasive procedure, you should do your research.

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