Gingivectomy Healing Time

Gingivectomy Healing Time

Gingivectomy Recovery Time

Recovery from gingivectomy is typically quick. Here’s what to expect.

. The first few hours

You should be able to go home right away. Your dentist will probably use local anesthesia only, so you can usually drive yourself home.

You may not feel pain right away, but as the numbing wears off a few hours after the procedure, the pain may be more sharp or persistent. An over-the-counter pain medication like acetaminophen (Tylenol) or ibuprofen (Advil) may help ease the pain.

Your gums will probably also bleed for a few days. Replace any bandages or dressings until bleeding stops or until your dentist advises that your gums can be exposed again.

Your dentist or a dentist assistant should explain how to change your bandages or dressings before sending you home. If they didn’t explain it or if you’re unsure about the instructions, call their office to ask for instructions.

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. The next few days

You may have some jaw pain. Your dentist will likely tell you to eat only soft foods so that eating doesn’t irritate or damage your gums as they heal.

Try applying a cold compress to your cheeks to soothe any pain or irritation that spreads into your mouth.

Use a warm saltwater rinse or saline solution to keep the area free of bacteria or other irritating substances, but avoid mouthwash or other antiseptic liquids.

You may also need to take antibiotics to prevent gum infections.

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. Long-term

Any pain and soreness will subside after about a week. See your dentist again to make sure the area’s healing well and that you can resume a normal diet.

Lastly, take good care of your teeth. Brush and floss twice per day, avoid smoking, and cut back on foods with a lot of sugar.

When to see your dentist

See your dentist right away if you notice:

. Bleeding that doesn’t stop

. Excessive pain that doesn’t get better over time or with home treatment

. Abnormal pus or discharge

. Fever


Gingivectomy is a low-cost, low-risk procedure for taking care of damaged gum tissue or to change the appearance of your smile.

It doesn’t take long to recover and the outcome is often positive.



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