6 things you should know before travelling to Iran

What should I do before rhinoplasty (Nose job) in Iran?

The amount of time needed for Rhinoplasty.

Many People come to Iran from all over the world to do rhinoplasty due to highly experienced surgeons,Finnest hospital healthcare and Average Fair prices.

But how many days should the patients stay at Iran after the surgery?

what to do the night before rhinoplasty

Why Iran is the best country for your nose job?

1.How many days till Patients can take a flight and get back to their home?
generally patients can take a flight after 5 to 7 days depending on the Surgeon opinion on of each Patient.
5 to 7 days is the minimum amount of time needed before going back and taking a flight. the more you take your time to stay and not travel with airplane is better. if you haven't made any plan it's best to put few more days aside and stay put so your nose heal more and avoid traveling with airplane.
Although the minimum time needed for healing is 5 to 7 days and Patients can leave Iran after removing the splint.
with having patient physical health and their healing process in mind the doctors can tell you when you are allowed to using airplanes for traveling.

2.How do I prepare for a rhinoplasty procedure?

Before scheduling a rhinoplasty in Iran, you should meet with your surgeon to discuss important factors that determine whether the surgery is likely to work well for you. This meeting generally includes the following:

Your medical history:

The most important question your doctor will ask about your motives for surgery and your goals. Your doctor will also ask questions about your medical history - including the history of nose obstruction, surgery, and any medications you take. If you have a bleeding disorder, such as hemophilia, you may not be a candidate for rhinoplasty.

Physical exam:

The doctor will perform a complete physical examination, including any laboratory tests, such as blood tests. He or she will also lose your skin and inside and outside the nose. Physical examination helps your doctor determine what changes need to be made and how your physical attributes - for example, your skin thickness or cartilage strength at the end of your nose - affect your results. Physical examination is also important to determine the effect of nose-nose surgery on your breathing.


Someone from the doctor's office may take pictures of your nose from different angles. The surgeon may use computer programs to simulate images to show you the kinds of possible results. Your doctor will use these images for previous, subsequent and referral evaluations during surgery and long-term reviews. More importantly, images allow for a specific discussion about the objectives of surgery.

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Discuss your expectations:

You and your doctor should talk about your motives and expectations. You will be told what you can and cannot do for your nose and what your results might be. It is normal for people to feel self-conscious in discussing their appearance, but it is important to be open with your wounds about your wishes and goals in surgery.

Sometimes the surgeon may talk to you about surgery to increase your chin. This is because a small chin will create their nose bigger. Chin surgery is not required under these conditions, but it may better balance facial features. Once the procedure is determined, you will need to arrange someone to take you home if you have an outpatient procedure. In the first few days after anesthesia, you may have convulsions in memory, slow reaction time and reduce judgment. So arrange a meeting with a family member or a friend at night or two to help with personal care tasks while recovering from surgery.

3.How do you prepare for a nose job?(Food and medicine)

Avoid drugs containing aspirin or ibuprofen for 2 weeks prior to the procedure of nasal and nasal mobilization. These drugs may increase bleeding. Take only medicines that have been approved or prescribed by the surgeon. If you smoke, stop smoking. Smoking slows the healing process after surgery

4.Why does Iran have the lowest cost of nose jobs in the world?

Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular surgical procedures throughout the world. And Iran appears to be the nose job capital of the world, with as many as 200,000 people a year going under the knife. Research by the Rhinology Research Society of Iran in co-operation with America's Johns Hopkins University found the rate of nose jobs per capita in Iran was seven times that of the US.

Due to high demand and low cost of rhinoplasty in Iran, thousands of people travel to Iran every year to undergo rhinoplasty in Iran with the experienced and skilled rhinoplasty surgeons at an affordable and reasonable price.

5.What are the advantages of a Rhinoplasty (nose job) in Iran?

       1.Experienced cosmetic surgeons

Undoubtedly, Iranian cosmetic surgeons are among the most experienced rhinoplasty surgeons in the world, and almost 95% of people who undergo rhinoplasty in Iran are satisfied with the final result.

Most Iranian cosmetic surgeons graduates from Europe and the United States universities and are on the list of the best rhinoplasty surgeons in the world.

  1. Affordable price

The price of Rhinoplasty in Iran is much lower than in Turkey and the United States . For example, on average, the cost of a Nose job in the United States is $ 6,000 which is at least 5 times that of Iran. The average cost of a nose job in Turkey is $ 2,500, which is at least twice as much as in Iran.

In general, Iranian hospitals provide the highest possible medical services to international patients at the lowest possible cost.

6.Where is the cheapest place to get a nose job in Iran?

In general, the cost of rhinoplasty in Iran is cheap and most international patients prefer to have rhinoplasty in the capital of Iran, Tehran. However, in other cities of Iran, including Mashhad and Shiraz, quality medical services are also provided, where the average cost of rhinoplasty is reduced by 20% compared to Tehran.

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