Fat transfer below the eye

Fat transfer below the eye

Fat transfer below the eye

One of the problems that many people face at different ages, especially in middle age, is under eye hollows and blackness that makes a person look dull and tired. One of the most important organs of every human body is the face, which unfortunately, reveals the signs of aging and fatigue earlier than anywhere else in the body.

Fat and gel injection are known to be the best, most effective and safest method to eliminate these defects. Fat transfer below the eye is a non-invasive, cost-effective, and long-lasting method of rejuvenation under the eyes.

Complete, healthy and soft contours around the eyes and eyelids give both men and women an attractive and beautiful appearance and bless their face with youth and vitality.

Fat transfer below the eye in Iran

Price of Fat transfer below the eye in Iran

A common cosmetic procedure these days is the injection of fat under the eyes. Since this operation has a direct impact on the physical beauty of a person, choosing the right doctor is one of the important factors in getting the best results out of this cosmetic procedure. The Iranian Surgery team has been able to provide the best medical services along with access to specialists and experienced doctors at the most appropriate prices, to help our clients achieve the best results. To find out more about our services and this particular procedure get in touch with our team through email or Whatsapp.

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