Facial Feminization Surgery Recovery Time

Facial Feminization Surgery Recovery Time

Facial Feminization Surgery Recovery Time

Complete recovery from facial feminization surgery takes approximately one full year, but most patients feel great after 2-3 weeks. A significant amount of healing takes place within the first 2 to 6 weeks following surgery and swelling typically improves in a top-down fashion (forehead to chin). Patients can often maintain social commitments and return to work typically 2 weeks after the initial surgery date. The exact amount of time it takes for a patient to fully recover will depend on their overall health, medical history, and the specific gender-affirming procedures that were performed.

Ffs General Recovery Stages

When patients leave the facility following their procedure, the surgeon and his team will provide detailed post-op instructions for care and recovery. The goal is to help patients heal properly and have minimal levels of discomfort.

The exact recovery time will vary for each patient, but it generally occurs in the following stages:

24 to 48 hours following surgery

In the first one to two days following surgery, patients will need to have a primarily liquid diet, with soft food slowly being incorporated into the diet after this period. FFS patients stay in the hospital overnight for observation and comfort control during this time period. A surgical drain is removed prior to discharge and the bandages are changed.

1 to 2 weeks following surgery

Patients are often prescribed medications to help with any pain for up to 1 to 2 weeks or longer following surgery. It’s typically recommended patients take Extra Strength Tylenol, Ibuprofen, or a similar over-the-counter medication. Which medications a patient is prescribed will depend on their medical history and the specific FFS procedures they had done. Sometimes an additional steroid medication will be given to help reduce pain and swelling. Patients are instructed to sleep with their head elevated during this time period and will wear a supportive garment around their head and chin.

2 to 6 weeks following surgery

Bones and tissue begin to heal during this timeframe. Rest and aftercare are extremely important to help promote proper healing and recovery. Scarring will first become red or raised and then start to flatten. Numbness may start slowly improving. Dissolvable sutures will fall out during these weeks.

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