Disadvantages and Risks of Mini IVF

Disadvantages and Risks of Mini IVF

Disadvantages and Risks of Mini IVF

Mini IVF Disadvantages

Since fewer eggs are retrieved in mini-IVF, the probability of a successful pregnancy is also reduced.

The 10-15 eggs retrieved in standard IVF provides backup if eggs are damaged in the process or if eggs are evaluated as poor candidates for fertilization. With mini-IVF, the doctor has fewer eggs to work with, which means less probability for viable embryos to be developed from these eggs through lab fertilization.

For this reason, sometimes couples end up going through multiple rounds of mini-IVF before becoming pregnant. This can extend the period of time spent on becoming pregnant. It can also negate any cost savings of selecting the less-expensive IVF option.

Another potential drawback to consider is the possibility of a multiple pregnancy, meaning pregnant with twins or more. Though this is less likely with mini-IVF than it is with standard IVF in which more than one embryo may be implanted, it is still a possibility.

A multiple pregnancy puts the baby and mother at risk for preterm delivery. Preterm delivery can lead to complications for both mother and baby.

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