Different Types of Liposuction in Iran

Traditional liposuction

In this method, after applying anesthetics and making incisions in the desired areas, the doctor uses a cannula to separate the fats from the target area, the fats are removed through suction. Because fat is removed by force from the skin and other tissues, it is possible that in addition to fat, blood vessels and connective tissues will also be removed. This will as a result make the surface of the skin uneven.

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Ultrasonic liposuction

In this procedure, after anesthesia, the fat cells are broken up by ultrasound waves that are emitted at the tip of the cannula which then can be easily removed using the cannula. This method is not very popular for several reasons: the long duration of surgery, the patient’s severe pain after liposuction, the risk of skin necrosis and the possibility of burns and high cost.

Electrical liposuction

This is done with the help of an electric motor that creates an oscillating movement at the tip of the cannula. This method does not strong or effective enough to remove fats and causes infrastructural problems.

Laser-assisted liposuction or Lipolaser

In this method, fat cells are targeted by laser beams without damaging other tissues. It is a safe procedure that has a faster recovery than mechanical liposuction methods. There is less swelling and bruising and the skin surface becomes perfectly smooth and even. Through Lipolaser, each time more volume of fat can be removed compared to manual methods.

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Compressed-air-assisted Liposuction or Lipomatic

Lipomatic is the newest method for removing localized fats in the world. The device eliminates fats with high accuracy using three types of zigzag, vibration and rotation movements. Also, the vibrations of the device during liposuction stimulate the collagen production of the skin. The device is designed in such a way to effectively protect the nerves, muscles and blood vessels. This method greatly reduces the impact of the surgeon’s skill and will be very suitable for areas that are difficult to access or contain a lot of fibrous tissue (Revision liposuction or liposuction in men). The device is easily sterilized which eliminates the risk of transmission of infection. Moreover, this method does not involve the use of heat to remove fat, which eliminates the risk of burns and necrosis of the skin.

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