Calf Implant Sizes

Calf Implant Sizes


If you have questions regarding the size and length of Calf implants, keep reading and you might just find your answer.

How extensive will scarring be?

The implants are placed through a horizontal 3 cm wide incision in the skin crease behind the knee. (popliteal fossa) That scarring is minimal although in patients with more skin pigment there may be an initial hyperpigmentation reaction around the incision.

How is the size of the implants determined?

Calf implant sizing is done by taking measurements of the medial gastrocnemius muscle and matching the implant size to muscle dimensions. Calf implant size options range from small (5cm x 15 cm, 70cc volume), medium (6cm x 20 cm, 135cc volume) to large. (6cm x 24 cm, 170cc v olume) Calf implant shifting is very rare since the tissue pocket made is very narrow and the tissues are naturally tight.

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Calf implants - how large and where can they be placed?

The length of the calf implant should not exceed the existing length of the gastrocnemius muscle which is well illustrated when you stand on your toes. The implants can really only be placed over the main body of the muscle not to the sides. This is due to the tightness of the subfascial pocket. While every effort is made to place them as lateral and medial as possible on each side of the calfs, it is not possible to place them just on the sides

Enlarging the calf implant?

You can definitely have a larger implant placed - but how risky it is depends on how much enlargement you want. Your own surgeon needs to examine you to advise you. The look you have in mind isn't clear - an exam is needed to say if it is possible to achieve. Always see a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon.


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