BBL 360

BBL 360

What Is a BBL 360?

If you’ve always wanted a curvier appearance, Brazilian Butt Lift procedure, or BBL as it is commonly known, may be the answer to all of your problems. The BBL is a surgical procedure that combines all-inclusive Lipo 360 with butt augmentation fat transfer, essentially using your own body to create a curvier, more contoured appearance.

Lipo 360 is a liposuction procedure which smooths your body’s contours around your entire midsection to create a more sculpted look. Liposuction has been used safely for decades, offering a solution for resistant fat deposits. Combining Liposuction 360 with fat transfer augments your buttocks using your own body fat instead of a filler.

With BBL, we use liposuction to remove fat around your entire torso region. We then wash and reinject the fat into your hips and buttocks, creating a perky, full appearance. The result is a more contoured and curvier shape with a natural look and feel. With the proper maintenance, your new look can last your entire lifetime.

BBL 360

Now, if you ever look for information surrounding BBL on the internet, you might come across a phrase BBL 360. But what is it and does it differ from a normal BBL.

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What Is the Difference Between a Regular BBL And a BBL 360?

There is no real difference. In both cases you will get a liposuction of your abdomen, back, love handles and fat transfer to buttocks. If you have any concerns, I would suggest you to discuss this with your plastic surgeon.

We asked another one of out specialists and we got the same answer:

There is no difference, it is just a name for marketing. During this procedure liposuction is performed to improve fat deposits and give you more volume and reshape the buttocks.


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