Bad liposuction

Bad liposuction

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Liposuction surgery Gone Wrong

What to Do If You Have Had a Bad Bbl surgery?

Liposuction is one of the most popular forms of cosmetic surgery and is primarily chosen by patients who are at a healthy weight and are happy with their overall size but would like their bodies to be tighter, more toned and more youthful in appearance. Unfortunately, like any other cosmetic surgery, if liposuction isn’t performed with the care required to produce the expected results, it can cause complications. Patients who experience this are said to have had ‘bad liposuction’.

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What are the signs of bad liposuction?

There are a variety of different things that can potentially go wrong, resulting in bad liposuction. Some of the primary complications and poor results that can occur when liposuction isn’t performed with the necessary skill and care include:

. Uneven fat removal. The liposuction process relies on fat being removed evenly and consistently across the area. When fat isn’t removed evenly, it can result in areas that look bumpy, wavy, or warped. In some cases, the damage that has occurred beneath the skin due to your surgeon being too aggressive can also give the skin a permanently dimpled appearance that is akin to cellulite, and not the tight, smooth skin that you expected.

. Numbness. If the nerves under the skin have been adversely affected, it could cause patients to experience temporary or even permanent numbness in the area where liposuction has taken place.

Bad liposuction

. Accumulation of fluid. It is possible for temporary pockets of fluid, called seromas, to form under the skin. These look unsightly, feel uncomfortable, and need to be drained – something which is done using a needle.

. Skin infection or necrosis. This is a rare complication, but it is possible for the skin to become infected and even die. Severe skin infections can also be life-threatening and should be considered an emergency.

There are also other complications that can occur that are potentially life-threatening including:

. Internal punctures

. Fat embolisms

. Kidney problems

. Heart problems

. Reaction to the anesthesia

. Lidocaine toxicity

What can I do if I have had bad liposuction?

If you are unhappy with the results of your liposuction procedure, it may be possible for you to undergo revision liposuction surgery. This is sometimes known as liposuction correction or liposhifting and is a further surgery that is carried out with the intention of addressing unsatisfactory cosmetic results. This includes uneven fat removal, dimpling, and more.

Every patient is different, and your liposuction revision surgeon will assess you to determine exactly what your concerns are and how best they can help you. They will then be able to talk you through what you can expect to happen, and your recovery period which will not be dissimilar to that for your initial procedure.

How can I avoid bad liposuction?

The good news is that it is possible to avoid any bad cosmetic procedure, provided you take the right preparatory steps. The first is to do extensive research into your chosen surgeon to make sure that they have the qualifications, training, and experience to be able to perform your surgery to the highest standard. In addition to ensuring that they are licensed, you should also visit their practice to check its cleanliness and facilities and meet with the surgeon to see examples of their past work. Don’t forget to look at their online reviews too.

In addition to doing thorough research on your chosen surgeon, you also need to take responsibility for your own personal preparation for your liposuction or other cosmetic surgery procedure. This means following all of the pre-procedure guidelines given to you by your surgeon which could involve things such as stopping or changing certain medications, quitting smoking, and not drinking alcohol. Following this advice will minimize the risks associated with the procedure itself and the recovery and help ensure you achieve the best possible results.



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