Washing Face after LASIK Eye Surgery

After lasik eye surgery

A Guide to Post-LASIK Facial Cleansing

Generally speaking, you should wait at least 24 hours after LASIK before washing your face. This is the same guideline that we give our patients for showering. As with showering, you need to avoid getting soap and water in your eyes for a minimum of several days.

The risks involved with getting water or soap in your eyes during the recovery period include:

. Infection

. Burning

. Irritation

. Exacerbated dry eye issues

. Potential harm to the corneal flap

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Tips to Washing Your Face After LASIK

It’s a good idea to take your time applying face wash. Carefully and gently rinse your cleanser away without splashing water. Consider avoiding your forehead entirely, as the soap is more likely to trickle down from that area. When it comes time to dry your face, gently pat your skin with a towel and avoid your eyes.

Many people safely wash their faces during the LASIK healing process using the simple tips above. Yet some patients still worry about accidentally getting liquids in their eyes during their skincare routine.

This concern is completely understandable. Thankfully, there are a few facial cleansing methods that minimize the risk of getting anything in your eyes. 

One soap- and water-free cleansing method consists of pouring a facial toner onto a cotton pad and sweeping it over dry skin. This technique gives you complete control over the process. Alternatively, you can wipe your face with a damp washcloth to remove excess dirt and oil. With either method, remember to steer clear of your eye area.

If you typically use a face wash scrub, switch to a smooth and gentle face wash. When you go to wash your face, take extra care to not come into contact with your eyes, using gentle, controlled circular motions in only the areas you want to clean. Avoid splashing anything in your eyes, and do not rub your eyes after cleaning your face. When you go to pat your face dry, avoid your eyelids and the area around your eyes. Instead, allow this area to air dry. You will want to follow this process for at least 2-3 weeks after your procedure.

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10 common Questions

1How long after Lasik Will I see clearly?
Most patients see clearly within 24 hours after vision correction surgery, but others take two to five days to recover. Some patients may experience some blurred vision and fluctuations in their vision for several weeks after LASIK
2What are the precautions after Lasik eye surgery?
After laser eye surgery, take these precautions to prevent injury or infection: Don't take a shower or wash your hair until the day after. Avoid getting non-sterile water from shower, hair washing, etc. into your eyes during the first few days after surgery. Be careful when you're in the shower or bath.
3What happens after laser eye surgery?
After Surgery. Immediately after the procedure, your eye may burn, itch, or feel like there is something in it. You may experience some discomfort, or in some cases, mild pain and your doctor may suggest you take a mild pain reliever. ... Rubbing your eye could dislodge the flap, requiring further treatment.
4What can you not do after Lasik surgery?
1 to 2 weeks post LASIK: You can usually begin exercising within a week after LASIK surgery, but you should continue to avoid contact sports for at least a month. Wear sunglasses when out in the sun to protect your eyes from the ultraviolet light, and use the provided eye drops to minimize dry eyes.
5Can you blink during Lasik?
This is a common concern, but rest assured that blinking and moving during LASIK surgery usually is not a problem. ... Also, a small device will hold your eyelids open during the procedure so you can't accidentally blink and your eyelids cannot interfere with any step of the surgery.
6Is Lasik surgery painful?
In most cases, PRK and LASIK does not hurt during or immediately after the procedure. Before your LASIK eye surgery begins, numbing eye drops are used to alleviate any pain or discomfort to the eye during the procedure. ... LASIK does not hurt during the procedure, however you may feel some pressure on your eyes.
7Can I use my phone after Lasik surgery?
You can use your smartphones and tablets after LASIK surgery, but you'll need to limit how much time you spend in front of them. This is because your eyes are still healing and are working harder to focus on an image. ... If they start to feel uncomfortable or if they begin to strain, take a break by closing your eyes.
8How long do you have to wear sunglasses after Lasik?
Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes for at least the first week after LASIK surgery. Read in moderation for the first few days after your LASIK procedure. Do not wear eye makeup for one week. Do not rub your eyes for one month after you have LASIK.
9Is it bad to cry after Lasik?
One of those fears is that we cannot cry after Lasik surgery. This is entirely untrue. ... While crying for emotional reasons tends to produce more tears, it is still not harmful, even after Lasik. It is considered a good thing to keep the eye lubricated after surgery, as this helps the healing process.
10What are the disadvantages of laser eye surgery?
Risks of LASIK include: Dry eyes. LASIK surgery causes a temporary decrease in tear production. ... Glare, halos and double vision. After surgery you may have difficulty seeing at night. ... Undercorrections. ... Overcorrections. ... Astigmatism. ... Flap problems. ... Vision loss or changes.

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