After Buccal Fat Removal Procedure

After Buccal Fat Removal Procedure

Buccal Fat Removal After 40

Typically, buccal fat pad reduction is recommended in younger persons. As we age we lose volume in our faces. We tell all our buccal fat pad reduction patients that it will look good in your 20s and 30s, and you will probably benefit from strategic fat transfer back into areas of the face in your 40s and 50s+.It isn't a big deal for you from a surgical standpoint-short, minimal pain, risk, recovery- but you might "miss" the fat in a few years.

Buccal Fat Removal After 10 Years: Is Buccal Fat Removal Permanent?

Buccal fat removal is a permanent solution to reducing the size of your cheeks. Once fat is removed in any area of the body, it does not come back, and that is true for buccal fat removal surgery as well. When the buccal fat pads are entirely removed, not even weight gain will make the pads return.

However, partial removal or other methods that remove the fat from the lower cheek region of the face can result in a return of buccal fat volume from weight gain. Buccal lipectomy is the only procedure that reduces the size of your cheeks for life.

After Buccal Fat Removal Procedure

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Buccal Fat Removal After 2 Weeks: How long will the swelling last?

The swelling secondary to buccal fat removal usually masks the results of the procedure for several days to weeks. At 12 days after surgery, it is possible that swelling could be present. We usually tell our patients that the results of buccal fat removal won't be seen until all the swelling is resolved, usually 12 weeks or 3 months after the procedure.

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