dr Zarei

Dr. Mohammad Zarei

Fellowship in Retina and Laser

Surgeon and ophthalmologist

Further information:

. Faculty member and associate professor in University of Tehran.

. Surgeon and ophthalmologist in Farabi Ophthalmology subspecialty Hospital

. Fellowship in Retina and Laser

. Diagnosis and treatment of retinal diseases, cataracts, ocular lasers, LASIK, LASEK, inflammatory diseases of the eye and uveitis, ocular injections, eyelid and lacrimal duct surgeries.

Scientific and professional background of Dr. Mohammad Zarei:

. Holder of the gold medal of the National Olympiad in 1999.

. Top rank in the national exam of basic medical sciences in 2001.

. Top rank in the national pre-internship medical exam in 2005.

. Top rank in the national exam of the specialized board of ophthalmology in 2011.

. Faculty member of the Department of Ophthalmology, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Department of Retinal Diseases, Farabi Hospital, since 1992.

. Head of UVIT (Inflammatory Diseases of the Eye) Clinic, Farabi Hospital.

. Head of Retina and Laser Imaging Unit of Farabi Hospital.

. Responsible for student education and internship at Farabi Hospital.

. Responsibility of the practical skills training unit of ophthalmology assistants of Farabi Hospital and designing questions for national medical pre-internship exams.

Services provided by Dr. Mohammad Zarei:

. Ophthalmological examination

. Types of eye surgeries

. Non-surgical eye treatments

. Laser eye surgery

. OCT imaging of the retina, optic nerve and anterior segment

. OCTA imaging of the retina and optic nerve

. Orbscan imaging of the cornea

. Non-contact Computerized Tonometry

. Non-contact Computerized Pachymetry

. Automated Refractometry

. Color Fundus Photography