When Is FET Done After Period

When Is FET Done After Period

When Is FET Done After Period?

Which day of the cycle is the frozen embryo transfer?

A cycle of frozen embryo transfer begins at the end of your menstrual cycle, that is, after your period. Hormonal medication, usually a GnRH agonist, suppresses your normal ovulation process. When your period arrives, and blood tests confirm that conditions are right, estrogen supplementation is given for about two weeks to help create a healthy endometrium. Further monitoring follows, but overall, the monitoring regime is less than that required for a normal IVF cycle.

Progesterone support is added after around two weeks of estrogen supplementation. The day of transfer depends on the day that the progesterone starts, and the number of days’ development of the embryo before it was frozen. For example, a five-day embryo transfer would be made on day six after the beginning of progesterone support. The choice of day is therefore a matter for you and your medical team to decide in advance.

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