What are the chances of twins with IVF?

What are the chances of twins with IVF?

What are the chances of twins with IVF?

No medical procedure is without risk. While IVF is certainly among the safest procedures, it is no exception to this rule. One of the most common risks associated with this approach has historically been multiple births. The number of embryos transferred during an IVF cycle directly influences the risk of twins or multiples. In the past, the number of embryos transferred was higher and led to an increase in multiple births.

Natural twin rates are at about 2%. Put simply, twins are rare.

Assisted reproductive technologies changed this. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) research found that of infants conceived with ART:

. 43% were twins

. 3% were triplets or higher-order infants

Put another way, while infertility treatments account for up to 3% of all single live births, they may account for up to 50% of twins born and 75% of higher-order multiple births.

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