SADI-S Surgery Risks and Complications

SADI-S Surgery Risks and Complications

SADI-S Surgery Risks and Complications

What could be potential Risks of the SADI-S procedure?

The SADI-S surgical risks are very similar to most other bariatric techniques:

. Intestinal perforation

. Anastomotic leaks

. Infection

. Abscess

. Venous thrombosis and pulmonary embolism

. Chance of bile reflux

. In the long term it could produce a bowel obstruction

As it’s a stronger bypass, there is an increased risk of mineral and vitamin deficiencies. It is therefore essential with this operation that patients take their prescribed mineral and vitamin supplements on a regular basis and also have regular follow up and blood tests to make sure that they don’t become deficient in any minerals and vitamins. It is possible with this procedure to become deficient in certain minerals and vitamins that can cause life threatening or life changing complications.

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