SADI-S Pre-Operative Care

SADI-S Pre-Operative Care

SADI-S Pre-Operative Care

All patients are required to commence an Optifast-based diet for a period of 2-3 weeks, prior to SADI-S surgery. This diet induces a change to the patient’s metabolism, putting it into a Ketotic state, known as Ketosis.

During this period, the patient’s diet will be restricted, with only certain additional foods allowed. Your Dietitian will provide clear direction, tailored to you. No carbohydrates, sugars, fruits or juices are permitted during this Optifast period.

The ketosis will result in fat stores coming out of the liver, to provide the metabolic fuel your body needs. During surgery, it is necessary to retract the liver. The reduction in fat stores in the lead-up to surgery allows for this to be done safely, without the risk of damaging or tearing the liver during the procedure.

Some patients may note that they can lose 5-10% of their body weight during this period. It would be great if this were sustainable long-term, but Optifast isn’t sustainable over time.


Most medications can continue until the day of surgery, and they will be recommenced post-operatively under our direction.

Some blood thinners and anti-platelet agents will need to be stopped 2-10 days prior to surgery, depending on the particular medication. We will provide advice tailored to each patient.

Fish Oil supplements should not be consumed within 14 days of surgery.

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