Presbyopia or Old eyes

Presbyopia or Old eyes

Presbyopia or Old eyes

The eye is one of the most important and sensitive organs of the body and face. And if afflicted with any disorder, it overshadows a person’s daily life and impairs their ability to perform even the simplest daily tasks. Within a year or two, a person with presbyopia will find it increasingly difficult to read or see clearly at close range.

Presbyopia is one of the most common eye disorders in old age. If presbyopia is left unchecked and not treated in the early years, the disease worsens with age and becomes more difficult to treat. There are various ways to treat this condition, but a surgery done in its early stages, will save you a lot of trouble in the long run and the disorder will most likely disappear forever.

Iran Is the Bedrock of Ophthalmology

Iran has many experienced and talented doctors and specialists in all the major medical sciences, especially ophthalmology, so much so that every year a large number of patients find their way to Iran and in particular to the city of Shiraz. Among the incentives that bring these people to our country are the use of the latest methods and techniques along with the low cost of medical services, accommodation and tourism. The Iranian Surgery team, with access to specialized hospitals equipped with latest technologies, aims to provide you with the best and highest quality services in the field of medical tourism.

You are one step away from taking the trip of a life time while addressing your medical disorder and receiving the best treatment from the most skilled doctors in the field. Just send us an email or contact us through Whatsapp and a member of out team will get in touch with you shortly.

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