Osseous Surgery Recovery

Osseous Surgery Recovery

After Osseous Surgery

Most people can return to their normal life within a few days of osseous surgery.

You’ll be required to visit the periodontist within seven to 10 days after your surgery to check on healing and get stitches removed. You should feel fully healed in about two to four weeks.

Some swelling and bleeding are normal following oral surgery. You’ll be provided with aftercare instructions including pain medication to ease discomfort and mouth rinses to keep the area clean. You may also be prescribed antibiotics to reduce the risk of infection.

Putting extra pillows on your bed will let you keep your head elevated above your heart. This can reduce swelling and help you feel better faster. When bleeding starts, bite down a piece of gauze to apply pressure and stop the bleeding.

The periodontist may give you specific recommendations about dietary changes you should make while recovering.

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The following habits may help you recover from gum surgery:

. Avoid smoking, which can be difficult, but your doctor can help build a plan that works for you

. Avoid using a straw until your mouth completely heals

. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated

. Stick to soft foods for the first few days

. Avoid physical activity after surgery

. Change your gauze regularly

. Rinse your mouth with saltwater after 24 hours

. Place an ice pack against the outside of your mouth to manage swelling

You can reduce your chances of developing gum disease and pockets by following good dental hygiene.

For optimal tooth and gum health, it’s a good idea to make the following activities daily habits:

. Visiting a dentist regularly

. Brushing your teeth twice per day

. Using fluoride toothpaste

. Flossing your teeth every day

. Eating a healthy and balanced diet

. Avoiding using all tobacco products, including smoking


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