Noor Eye Hospital

Iran, Tehran

About Hospital

Noor Ophthalmology Complex started its activity in 1993, by launching the first super specialty ophthalmology clinic in Iran, in Motahari Street. Launching Noor ophthalmology clinic was the first stage of Noor complex activities and was developed in 2013 by utilizing new buildings and advanced facilities and still is offering its services. In 2007 was the continuation of the project that began in 1993 and was expanded in 2000 by the development of Excimer Clinic, in Babak Bahrami St, Tehran.

Noor Ophthalmology Complex started its activity in 1993, by launching the first super specialty ophthalmology clinic in Iran, in Motahari Street. Launching Noor ophthalmology clinic was the first stage of Noor complex activities and was developed in 2013 by utilizing new buildings and advanced facilities and still is offering its services. In 2007 was the continuation of the project that began in 1993 and was expanded in 2000 by the development of Excimer Clinic, in Babak Bahrami St, Tehran.

The establishment of Noor Eye Hospital caused that, for the first time in Iran, the entire spectrum of ophthalmology services, from the most basic to the most advanced ophthalmic surgeries, gather together, in a single building. In other words, patients do not need to exit the building for their diagnosis and treatment procedure and receive all the services at once. In order to improve the welfare and ease of patients, No. 82 Clinic of Noor Eye Hospital was set up in Esfandiar Blvd. in 2013 and all clinical and para-clinical services were transferred from the hospital building to the new center, allowing patients to access ophthalmic services in a shorter time.

The clinic has been equipped with the most advanced diagnostic, therapeutic and eye care products (lenses, glasses and special tools for patients with low vision), besides, experienced ophthalmologists and well-trained staff. Increasing the number of patients, the importance of ophthalmic treatments and the high quality services of Noor Eye Hospital caused to establish Alborz Noor Clinic in 2013, which has developed Noor Eye Hospital services, quantitatively and qualitatively, for the citizens of Alborz province, especially the city of Karaj and the suburbs, and reduced traveling of patients between Tehran and Karaj, and traffic problems caused by it.

This clinic, with the same standards of Noor Eye Hospital and affiliated clinics in Tehran, offers all ophthalmic services (diagnosis, outpatient and eye surgery) to patients and has contracts with all basic, complementary and organizational insurances.

Hospital Facilities and services

Noor Eye Hospital is the first private super specialty ophthalmology hospital in Iran. It has facilities like referral system, super specialty consultation services, knowledgeable and highly experienced team of ophthalmologists, modern diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, and well-trained personnel and in a beautiful and peaceful environment offers a full range of ophthalmology services to patients.

International Patients in Noor Eye Hospital

In addition to the modern space and advanced technology, Noor Eye Clinic has created an appropriate healthcare Infrastructure to boost medical tourism and has been able to gather great number of international patients in this ophthalmology center of Iran. The Clinic, in accordance with the IPD Protocol, provides the most comprehensive ophthalmic services at affordable prices to foreign patients.

Tehran-Iran Noor Eye hospital is very proud to welcome hundreds of international patients from all around the world over many years. The high-quality diagnostic and therapeutic medical services of Tehran-Iran Noor Eye Hospital and its super specialty clinics are the main reasons that this ophthalmology complex has been chosen by many international patients from different countries of the world, and in particular from a number of Arabic and Islamic countries.

Tehran-Iran Noor Super Specialty Eye Hospital provides international patients with unique services in order to make it easier for these patients to stay and increase the level of coordination between them and the hospital treatment personnel. The following is the most important of these services:

  • The opening of the International Patients ward (IPD) of the Hospital , whose main task is to review all the problems of the international patients living in Tehran-Iran Noor Eye Hospital and provide their comfort equipment.
  • The employing of a specialist translation team with the task of accompanying international patients from the hospital door in all parts of Tehran-Iran Noor Eye Hospital and providing all necessary medical advice to the patients.
  • Translation of all the documents related to the international patients in Arabic and helping the patient to understand all the disadvantages and advantages of each of the therapeutic and diagnostic methods of Tehran-Iran Noor Eye Hospital.

Hospital Services:

. Medical Services

. Refractive Surgical Procedures

. Corneal Surgical Procedures

. Diagnostic Services

. Cataract Surgical Procedures

. Amblyopia (lazy eye) and Strabismus Surgical Procedures

. Cosmetic Services

. Retinal Surgical Procedures

. Glaucoma Surgical Procedures

. Other Services

. Tear Duct Surgical Procedures

Due to having the pioneering technology and cutting-edge scientific techniques, Noor Eye Hospital becomes the superior ophthalmology center in Iran and the Middle East.

  • Performing the first refractive surgery using LASIK and Excimer Laser in Iran
  • Performing the first laser surgery to treat corneal opacities
  • Performing the highest number of refractive surgeries in Iran and the Middle East
  • Implanting intracorneal ring segments for the correction of myopia and keratoconus (for the first time in Iran).
  • Performing the first phacoemulsificasion cataract surgery and laser-assisted cataract surgery in Iran.
  • The establishment of the first diabetes clinic for monitoring eye conditions in patients with diabetes in Iran.
  • Performing the first CXL surgery to control keratoconus progression in Iran
  • Offering a variety of modern techniques of corneal transplantation (femtosecond assisted PK, DALK, DSAEK, DMEK).
  • Performing the first artificial iris implant and eye color change in Iran
  • The establishment of the most equipped low vision clinic in Iran
  • The implantation of various types of modern intraocular lenses (Ultra-thin IOLs, Multifocal ReSTOR, Artiflex) for the first time in Iran.
  • The establishment of the first subspecialty keratoconus clinic and the first subspecialty clinic for cornea external diseases in Iran.
  • The establishment of the first private ophthalmic research center in Iran with the authorization of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education.
  • The establishment of the exclusive PROSE clinic with the cooperation of Boston Foundation for Sight in the Middle East.
  • Performing the first artificial cornea transplantation in Iran
  • Performing Femto-SMILE surgery to correct refractive errors in myopic patients
  • All floors are equipped with audio and video systems, paging, fire alarms system and emergency exit staircase.
  • ATMs are located on the ground, third and fifth floors. – Lighting and temperature controlling system of the clinic is smart. In addition, there is a good signaling coverage for mobile operators (mobile calls and Internet) in all floor.

  • Cardiology 1
  • Cardiology 2
  • Cardiology 3
  • CCU
  • Angiography
  • Cardiac surgery
  • ICU
  • SICU
  • NICU
  • PICU
  • Maternity ward
  • Pediatrics
  • Central operating theaters
  • Surgery department 1
  • Surgery department 2
  • Surgery department 3
  • ENT and Ophthalmology
  • IVF
  • Internal and Neurosurgery
  • VIP 1
  • VIP 2
  • VIP 3
  • Hematology and Oncology
  • Nuclear medicine
  • Radiotherapy and Oncology
  • Emergency department
  • Hemodialysis
  • Physiotherapy
  • Endoscopy

• Dr.Abdollahi
• Dr.Saleh
• Dr.Behrouzi
• Dr.Rezazadeh


• Dr.Azaripour
• Dr.Saeidisharifabad
• Dr.Alizadeh
• Dr.Esmaeilnia


• Dr.Hashemian
• Dr.Ziaolhagh
• Dr.Farhadi
• Dr.Farrokhi


• Dr.Talayi
• Dr.Edalatian
• Dr.Salimi
• Dr.Javidi

Nuclear medicine

• Dr.Khorasachi
• Dr.Emami
• Dr.Norouzbeigi


• Dr.Sharghi
• Dr.Yousefian
• Dr.Mirmasoumi
• Dr.Sepehr

Pediatric surgeon

• Dr.Joudi

General surgeons

• Dr.Kakhi
• Dr.Houshmand
• Dr.Zandbaf
• Dr.Hasanzadeh
• Dr.Roshanravan


• Dr.Mashhadinejad
• Dr.Safayiyazdi
• Dr.Ganjeifar
• Dr.Safayi
• Dr.Kheradmand


• Dr.Vazifeshenas
• Dr.Barazande
• Dr.Helmi
• Dr.Taghizadeh


• Dr.Kosravi
• Dr.Ghalenoyi
• Dr.Pourrafii
• Dr.Aryanpour


• Dr.Gholoubi
• Dr.Fallah
• Dr.Jamshidian
• Dr.Mohammadi


• Dr.Sasannejad
• Dr.Amiri
• Dr.SAlehyar
• Dr.Aminzadeh
• Dr.Yazdani


• Dr.Mokaberi
• Dr.Sharifi
• Dr.Aghasizadeh
• Dr.Rashedmohassel
• Dr.Kianfar


• Dr.Vosough
• Dr.Forouzesh
• Dr.Hashemian
• Dr.Aghilian


• Dr.Pakdaman
• Dr.Nazarzadeh
• Dr.Barzegar
• Dr.Shahabinejad

International fellowship in cardiac surgery

• Dr.Mohammadi
• Dr.Eshraghi
• Dr.Mohajerimoghadam
• Dr.Vojdanparast

Trauma fellowship

• Dr.Mamaghani

Board certified endoscopy and laparoscopy surgeon

• Dr.Aslzare

Board certified plastic surgeons

• Dr.Rezayi
• Dr.Sanjarmousavi

Board certified Thorax surgeons

• Dr.Tavakoli
• Dr.Bagheri
• Dr.Sadrizadeh

Board certified vascular surgeons

• Dr.Ravari
• Dr.Taheri
• Dr.Zabihian
• Dr.Kazemzadeh
• Dr.Modaghegh

Board certified cardiac and vascular surgeons

• Dr.Rajayikhorasani
• Dr.Fazelifar
• Dr.Sabzevari
• Dr.Bolourian
• Dr.Moeinipour
• Dr.Abasi
• Dr.Hadavand

Board certified Hematologists and Oncologists

• Dr.Alahyari
• Dr.Rahimi
• Dr.Mohaddes
• Dr.Seghatoleslami
• Dr.koushyar

Board certified pain specialist

• Dr.Mokarramdari

Board certified Rheumatologists

• Dr.Nobakht
• Dr.Nohesara

Board certified Pulmonologists

• Dr.Asnaashari
• Dr.Attaran
• Dr.Mirsadrayi
• Dr.Mousavi
• Dr.Tohidi

Board certified Endocrinologists

• Dr.Adinehpour
• Dr.Karbasforoushan
• Dr.Arbabi
• Dr.Khazayi
• Dr.Chachi

Board certified Nephrologists

• Dr.Azarfar
• Dr.Najarzadeh
• Dr.Behrouzaghdam
• Dr.Emadzdeh
• Dr.Sharifipour
• Dr.Mamdouhi
• Dr.Khazayi

Board certified neonatologists

• Dr.Saeidi
• Dr.Nourizadeh
• Dr.Omidian
• Dr.Farehat

ENT specialists

• Dr.Mosadeghi
• Dr.Sarvari
• Dr.Ghahremani
• Dr.Khadem
• Dr.Kaboli

Infectious diseases specialists

• Dr.Bolandnazar
• Dr.Layegh


• Dr.Sadeghian

Molecular biotechnologist

• Dr.Jafarzadeh


• Dr.Nemati
• Dr.Safarian


• Dr.Izadpanahi
• Dr.Salek
• Dr.Zahedanaraki
• Dr.Bidoui
• Dr.Khoshrou


• Dr.Pourmohammadi
• Dr.Banihashem
• Dr.Ghafari
• Dr.Norouzi

Genetic specialist

• Dr.Ghayourkarimiani

Rehabilitation specialists

• Dr.Baradaran
• Dr.Rahimi


• Dr.Akhavan
• Dr.Rezapour
• Dr.Khorasani
• Dr.Mirsadrayi
• Dr.Gorgani


Family accommodation
Free Wifi
Health insurance coordination
International newspapers
Interpreter services
Local tourism options
Local transportation booking
Medical records transfer
Medical travel insurance
Mobility accessible rooms
Parking available
Phone in the room
Private rooms for patients available
Religious facilities
Safe in the room
Special dietary requests accepted
Translation services
TV in the room

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