Nikan Hospital

Iran, Tehran

About Hospital

The Hospital of Nikan was established in 2011, in Tehran, Iran with the aim of providing specialized services.The hospital, with a capacity of 150 beds, is located on Aghdasieh Street.

The Hospital of Nikan was established in 2011, in Tehran, Iran with the aim of providing specialized services.The hospital, with a capacity of 150 beds, is located on Aghdasieh Street.

The managers and staff of this center are proud and committed to honestly serve the respectable patients; for this reason, we are trying to use the services of experienced staff and the use of modern technologies. Provide a satisfactory quality in an environment that is comfortably respectful to our patients. We have a great role to play for the health of the community.


Nikan Hospital in order to ease thepatients’ pain provides specialty safe and effective health services. These high quality services are provided for patients regardless of their age, gender, race, skin color, religion, and social status in minimum time.

.In the year 2011, Nikan hospital got the first rank in Accreditation and Patient safety and became the first private hospital in Iran to get the Green Award International certification in Other Ways Institute international Conference in Berlin 2014.

.Nikan was the firstHospital to be awarded the permit to admit international patients by Health Ministry thanks to its actual and potential capacities, successful international achievements and leading in the management of modern health services.

. International Patients Department (IPD) has actively provided international patient with high quality services in the hospital.

. Active presence of IPD physicians and nurses in the hospital.

. Brochures written in both English and Arabic languages provide patients with all the necessary information about the hospital.

. The hospital benefits from the staff speaking both Arabic and English languages fluently.

. Founders of Nikan Hospital have utilized state-of-the-art technologies as well as specialty and subspecialty medical teams who are highly experienced and skilled.

Hospital Services



. Maxillofacial

. Orthopedics (Knee, Scapula, Hand and Arm specialists) 

. Obstetrics and Gynecology

. General Surgery

. Pediatrics

. Neurology

. Neurosurgery

. Dermatology

. Urology (Kidney and urinary tract surgery)

. Rheumatology

. Internal medicine

. Vascular Surgery

. Endocrinology

. Gastroenterology

.  Pain Clinics

.  Hematology & Oncology

. Psychiatry

.  Nutrition

We can Provide Outpatient Services, Visits, & Checkups in this department.


.Laboratory & Pathology

.Imaging Centre

.Nuclear Medicine




.Emergency Ward





. Surgery

. Cancer

. Neurology

. Cardiology


. Endocrinology

. Gynecology

. Orthopedic

. Pediatric

. Pulmonology

. Radiology

. Pathology

. Internal Medicine

. Pain Management

.Plastic and Cosmetic

.Oral & Maxillofacial


.Urology (Kidney and urinary tract surgery)


.Internal medicine


. Hematology & Oncology

. Psychiatry

. Nutrition


. Laboratory & Pathology

. Imaging Centre

. Nuclear Medicine

. Physiotherapy

. Audiology

. Pharmaceutical

. Emergency Ward

. Radiology




.Dr. Mohammad Karimi

.Dr. MojganMefttahpour

.Dr. SoheilaMeghdadi

.Dr. Amir Jalali


.Dr. Hassan Reza Mohamadi

.Dr. KeyvanEdraki

.Dr. Ali Arjmand Tehrani

.Dr. homayonMohamadi

ENT Specialist

.Dr. Mahdi Ahmadi

.Dr. Abbas aliFahzadi

.Dr. BehroozFarzam

Nuclear Medicine Specialist

.Dr. GhasemRaziee

.Dr. AlirezaTavakkoli



.Dr. FatemeAlizadeh

.Dr. AkramShahaami

.Dr. FarahnazAmini


.Dr. AbolhassanMosahab

.Dr. SoheilaKhalilzadeh

.Dr. FarahnazSaniee

.Dr. RaminHarati


.Dr. seyedhadisadatamini

.Dr. Khalil Yaghoubi

.Dr. AbolfazlKhirandish

.Dr. FaridChitsaz

Emergency Medicine Specialist

.Dr. Hossein Ramandi

.Dr. SirousTabesh

.Dr. mohammad Mahdi Babakhani

.Dr. Shokoufeh Sadat ShahidiShadkam

General Surgeon

.Dr. Hamid Reza Zamani

.Dr. Seyed Mahdi MosaviZade

.Dr. ZohreDavarzani

.Dr. mohammadrezaabdolhossini


.Dr. NaserSimforoush

.Dr. Homa Hariri

.Dr. Hossein Karami

.Dr. omidPoyan


.Dr. VahidIravani

.Dr. MitraSafa


.Dr. Hamid Reza Aalaie

.Dr. Mahmood BehesgtiMonfared

.Dr. Hamid Reza Taghipoor

.Dr. Mohammad aliYousefnia

Orthopedic Specialist

.Dr. FiroozMadadi

.Dr. Mohammad Bayanfar

.Dr. Mohammad rezafakheri

.Dr. Mir ahmadmousavi

Oral surgeon and maxillofacial

.Dr. Mohammad TaghiKiani

.Dr. Ali AsgharRoohi

.Dr. Hossein Heidar

.Dr. ArashKhojasteh


.Dr. Mohammad Hassan Mozaffari

.Dr. Amir HossinLotfi

.Dr. Mostafa Maddah

.Dr. jafarAnaamzadeh


.Dr. HoumanVosough

.Dr. Mahdi Zoghalchi

.Dr. SaeedehSarvarian

.Dr. VahidFallah Azad


.Dr. Reza Farjad

.Dr. Saeed Nasiri

.Dr. Hamid Reza Mansouri

.Dr. MojganEbrahimi

IPD services

The Hospital’s International Patient Department (IPD) is composed of proficient experts and experienced doctors mastering international languages, providing 24-hour medical services to international patients.

– The presence of fluent Arabic and English resident interpreters at this center has facilitated the treatment processes from the moment of entry to country until discharge and return to the country of origin so that there is no communication problem in this area.

– IPD chief expert is responsible for coordinating the way international patients attend the hospital. In order to facilitate the provision of services, the presence of a VIP/CIP expert at the hospital has been able to give the department good opportunities and conditions.

-Creating a patient-centered living space in the hospital is one of the competitive advantages of the Nikan Hospital. Main measures taken in this department include the equipment of hospitalization wards with the international visual and written media, setting up welcome stands in the language of the patient, the existence of the patient’s national flag, the provision of a food menu based on the nationality of the patient in Arabic or English and the possibility of serving international dishes and the possibility of exchanging international currencies to Rial in the hospital.

– In order to lessen the housing and travel concerns of patients and their companions, establishing a framework for cooperation with various hotels in various categories of formalities, the possibility of obtaining or extending visas, reservation of travel tickets on all air, land, and maritime routs and taking the advantage of Tehran tours have been considered.

– Depending on the patient’s condition and, if desired, they can be accompanied from the airport to the hospital and vice versa by the specialist medical staff.

– Translation of all the documents and forms of the hospital into two Arabic and English languages has been an important step in protecting the rights of patients. In this regard, conducting daily surveys of international patients through various techniques (international questionnaire-interviewing or emailing to the hospital) and corrective actions in the shortest possible time have been effective in clarifying the rights of patients.

– The IPD doctor’s daily visits for all international patients in the hospital and the proficient and experienced team of doctors in this area are one of the pillars of patients’ trust in Nikan Hospital.

– The issuance of bills in English along with the Medical Report at the time of discharge, has reassured patients to continue treatment in this center.

Family accommodation
Free Wifi
Health insurance coordination
International newspapers
Interpreter services
Local tourism options
Local transportation booking
Medical records transfer
Medical travel insurance
Mobility accessible rooms
Parking available
Phone in the room
Private rooms for patients available
Religious facilities
Safe in the room
Special dietary requests accepted
Translation services
TV in the room

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