nasal polyp surgery removal

What are nasal polyps?

Nasal polyps are soft, grape-like lumps of tissue that can grow inside your nose and sinuses. They’re not usually painful but they can cause problems with breathing and your sense of smell. They can also lead to chronic sinusitis, snoring or sleep apnoea. Most nasal polyps are fairly small but sometimes become very large. There are a number of medical treatments for nasal polyps, but if they don’t work, you may need surgery to remove them.

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What’s nasal polyp removal?

Nasal polyp removal (nasal polypectomy) is a surgical procedure that aims to remove your nasal polyps. It may be done in combination with other surgeries like nasal turbinate surgery, nasal septum surgery (septoplasty) or sinus surgery.

The surgery is performed through your nostrils. Your surgeon views the inside of your nose through a nasal endoscope which has a camera and light on the tip. They then use instruments to remove the polyps.

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