Microdiscectomy Success Rate


Microdiscectomy Success Rate

How successful is a Microdiscectomy?

Microdiscectomy offers thousands of people the relief they’ve been seeking. Although providing many with relief, the procedure still leaves many potential patients wondering, what is the microdiscectomy success rate? What makes a microdiscectomy such an amazing option is the relatively quick overall recovery time and very high success rate. More and more people are choosing to have microdiscectomies in favor of the typically shorter recovery times and a lower chance of having to undergo additional procedures.

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Microdiscectomy Success Rates

While it’s hard to quantify success in terms of surgical recovery (due to different lifestyles and activity levels of individual patients), a consistent 80-90 percent microdiscectomy success rate has been reported in numerous studies. This correlates with the ability for the patient to eventually return to most – if not all – of their previous activities.

A Recent Study

The success rate for microdiscectomy spine surgery is generally high, with one extensive medical study showing good or excellent results overall for 84% of people who have the procedure.

The medical literature also points to some benefits for surgery, when compared with nonsurgical treatment, though the difference lessens over time in certain cases. One large study found that people who had surgery for a lumbar herniated disc had greater improvement in symptoms for up to two years than those who did not have surgery.

Microdiscectomy Success Rate



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