Lipedema Symptoms

Lipedema Symptoms

Lipedema Symptoms

Symptoms of Lipedema

Symptoms of lipedema include:

. Fat build-up in buttocks, thighs, calves, and sometimes the upper arms. Diuretics, elevating your legs and support stockings do not help the affected areas. There is typically no swelling in feet, or hands unless the patient has chronic venous insufficiency or lymphedema.

. Pain.

. As the condition gets worse, lipedema can affect your ability to walk.

. Many patients with lipedema have emotional symptoms, such as being embarrassed, anxious and depressed as the lower part of their body grows larger.

. Over time, as more fat accumulates, it can block the lymphatic pathway. This causes a build-up of fluid called lymph. The condition is known as secondary lymphedema or lipo-lymphedema.

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