Probiotics are “living organisms that lead to recipient’s health benefits when applied in an adequate amount”. The purpose is to study the therapeutic effectiveness of the Lactofem preparation (vaginal capsules containing two live strains of lactobacilli and gel) as well as to compare it with that of the classical therapy of bacterial vaginosis (BV) with metronidazole.


Fifty-five female patients with BV were divided into three groups. Group one consisted of 19 patients treated with Flagyl in a dose of 1 g daily for 7 days; group two–of 24 patients with symptomatic BV treated with Lactofem in a dose of 1 capsule and 2 ml of gel every third day for one month, and group three–of 12 patients with asymptomatic BV treated with Lactofem, too.


The therapeutic effect was red two and twelve weeks after its cessation. The patients healed with metronidazole amounted to 63.16% and 42.01% of the cases, respectively. After two weeks, the patients healed with Lactofem amounted to 79.17% and after 12 weeks even to 86.96% of the cases. The patients from group three healed were 83.33% and 100%, respectively.


The independent application of Lactofem leads to better therapeutic effects when compared with the classical treatment of BV with metronidazole. Relapses of BV during the 3-month follow-up after treatment cessation were more seldom encountered.

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