Is it safe to have multiple plastic surgeries at the same time?

Is it safe to have multiple plastic surgeries at the same time

Is it safe to have multiple plastic surgeries at the same time?

It's not uncommon for people to have two or three surgeries done at once but Some procedures are safe to combine. For example, many patients choose to have a breast augmentation or lift along with a tummy tuck, it is absolutely safe to undergo multiple cosmetic surgical procedures at the same time as long as you are healthy

Combining a few minor procedures is certainly safe when there's a time limit that's appropriate on anesthesia, when the patient is a healthy candidate, and when there is the correct decision on which procedures to combine

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Like all surgeries, plastic surgery costs break down into three categories: anesthesia fees, facility fees, and surgeon's fees. By combining two or more procedures into one surgical session, the patient is billed for one anesthesia fee and one facility fee. And, in some cases, plastic surgeons may package certain procedures at a discounted rate, so the patient realizes a trifecta of savings.

Some of the most commonly combined surgical plastic surgeries are brow or forehead lift, face lift and neck lift; breast augmentation, breast lift, and tummy tuck (the mommy makeover); tummy tuck and liposuction; tummy tuck and face lift; face lifts and fat grafting; and certain noninvasive or minimally invasive procedures and a surgical procedure.

All surgery carries risks, and extreme plastic surgery ups the ante. One of the biggest concerns is that the cumulative effect of multiple procedures performed during a single operation may increase the potential for complications. Another is the risk associated with extended time under general anesthesia because the longer a patient is under, the greater the risk for cardiovascular complications and the longer the recovery period.

while there isn't a time limit per se, being under anesthesia for more than 5 to 7 hours can bring on increased risk for recovery. This is a particular issue when two major invasive procedures are combined

If you are considering having multiple plastic surgeries at the same time, consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon who's experienced in the combination of procedures you're seeking. Verify that he or she has successfully performed many of these lengthy procedures, and ask to speak to some patients, if possible. You should also check on the certification of the surgery site, if it is not a hospital.

10 common questions about Is it safe to have multiple plastic surgeries at the same time

1Can you get multiple plastic surgeries at once?
Multiple Procedures It's not uncommon for people to have two or three surgeries done at once, according to Phil Haeck, MD, past president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.
2How long do you have to wait between plastic surgeries?
Any reputable plastic surgeon will require you to wait at least six months after giving birth before having invasive plastic surgery. This will give your abdominal tissue a chance to heal fully before you have a tummy tuck
3What is the most painful plastic surgery?
There is generally more pain involved with this procedure than with rhinoplasty. Liposuction, however, is possibly the most painful of all plastic surgeries
4Will plastic surgeons negotiate price?
No insurance, but negotiation is possible However, there is an upside to this - plastic surgeons aren't bound to insurers' rates, meaning it may be possible to negotiate price, according to USA Today.
5What surgery has the longest recovery time?
Specifically, the average recovery time for a vasectomy is less than a week, while the average recovery time for an appendectomy is a week at its minimum. The longest average recovery period we found was that of a total knee replacement, which can take from three months to one full year
6Does plastic surgery make you happy?
People who want cosmetic surgery may be happier when they actually get it, according to a new study. Plastic surgery has been linked in the past to depression, even suicide. But a new study has found that people who want plastic surgery and actually get it may be happier than those who refrain.
7Is it bad to go under anesthesia a lot?
While anesthesia is very safe, it can cause side effects both during and after the procedure. Most side effects of anesthesia are minor and temporary, though there are some more serious effects to be aware of and prepare for in advance.
8Does going under anesthesia shorten your life?
General anesthesia does not reduce life expectancy in aged rats. ... A recent clinical study demonstrated that deep anesthesia, as measured by Bispectral index monitoring, was associated with increased 1-yr mortality among middle-aged and elderly surgical patients.
9Can you die from general anesthesia?
“For a patient to die on the operating table is rare — but for patients with serious problems in their medical history, post-traumatic stress after a long operation can under some circumstances lead to death.” Complications relating to anesthesia are rare, and can usually be brought under control very quickly
10Is plastic surgery painful?
All surgeries involve a degree of discomfort and, in many cases, pain. Some surgeries, though, are more painful than others. There are surgeries that may leave you feeling extremely uncomfortable only immediately after the surgery. In other cases, the discomfort lasts for several weeks or longer as you recover.


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