How Much Fat Do You Need to Have for A BBL?

How Much Fat Do You Need to Have for A BBL?

How Much Fat Do You Need to Have for A BBL?

If you have ever attempted to plump up your rear end with diet and exercise changes, you know that it can be extremely challenging – if not impossible – to achieve the look you’re after. With a curvaceous figure becoming more and more synonymous with beauty and sex appeal these days, an increasing number of men and women are turning to plastic surgery to get the results they want. Find out more about BBL surgery here, including how your weight may affect your eligibility for the procedure.

What Is A BBL?

Brazilian butt lift surgery, commonly known as BBL, is an exciting body contouring procedure that involves liposuction followed by a fat transfer to the buttocks. The primary goal of BBL surgery is to enhance the volume and overall shape of the butt. Brazilian butt lift is often used by men and women who desire a fuller, rounder backside but have not been able to get the results they want with diet and exercise alone.

How Does BBL Surgery Work?

During Brazilian butt lift surgery your plastic surgeon will perform liposuction to harvest an appropriate amount of fat from another area of the patient’s body, such as the abdomen, hips, or thighs. The fat is then purified and separated in a special centrifuge machine. Finally, your plastic surgeon will strategically inject the fat into the patient’s buttocks in fine layers. To ensure symmetry, smoothness, and the most natural-looking result, your plastic surgeon will carefully massage the fat between each layer of injection.

What Are the Minimum BBL Weight Requirements?

Because Brazilian butt lift surgery uses a patient’s own fat to augment the butt, patients must have enough excess fat available to be considered eligible for the procedure. While there is no “right” weight for BBL surgery, your plastic surgeon will thoroughly evaluate each patient’s BMI, body fat percentage, fat distribution, and a number of other factors to determine whether he or she has enough extra fat for BBL. Generally speaking, patients with a normal to moderately elevated BMI are likely to have enough available fat to qualify for BBL surgery. The amount of fat required can also vary, however, depending on the patient’s body type, desired outcome, and more.

What If I Am Too Skinny for A Brazilian Butt Lift?

For patients with an exceptionally low BMI or body fat percentage, BBL may not be an option. In these cases, butt augmentation with glute implants can be considered as an alternative to BBL. Additionally, patients with moderate to severe skin laxity (loose skin) or a sagging butt may be better suited to traditional butt lift surgery, which involves skin removal for a tighter, firmer, more natural shape.

How To Prepare Your Body for BBL Surgery

During the time leading up to BBL surgery, it is important for patients to understand how to best prepare for the procedure. One of the most common mistakes patients make is gaining weight for BBL. While it may seem logical to gain weight before BBL so that you have more fat available for transfer, maintaining your results would require you to maintain that additional weight. Losing weight after BBL can cause the transferred fat cells to shrink and severely compromise or even reverse your outcome. For this reason, patients are strongly encouraged to maintain a steady weight and not make any major changes to their diet and exercise regimen before surgery. Additional tips for preparing for a BBL include:

. Maintain a stable, healthy weight

. Continue exercising normally and eating a balanced diet

. Quit smoking

. Plan ahead for your recovery period

. Commit to maintaining a stable weight after surgery

. Set realistic expectations for your procedure

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