How Long to Sleep Elevated After Breast Augmentation?

How Long to Sleep Elevated After Breast Augmentation?

How Long to Sleep Elevated After Breast Augmentation?

After breast augmentation, many women find it difficult to sleep, especially if they’re used to sleeping on their stomachs. Discomfort, getting used to a new position, worrying about injuring themselves can all play a role in getting the rest you need to heal. While getting good sleep after surgery is incredibly effective in your healing process, it is also crucial to follow a few guidelines regarding the correct way to sleep post-operation, one of which is to keep your head elevated for some time during sleep. But for how long? Keep reading to find out.

Finding the Right Sleeping Position After Breast Augmentation

After your breast augmentation surgery, you’ll need to sleep on your back in an elevated position for the first several days. This keeps your breasts in a more natural position, improves circulation, and minimizes swelling. It also makes it easier to get in and out of bed without straining your arm and chest muscles.

In bed, use extra pillows to provide the support you need, placing a pillow under each arm to keep your body from rolling from one side to the other, and a pillow under your knees to keep your back in alignment. Many women find a recliner to be more comfortable for sleeping than a bed.

After the initial healing stage, most women are able to sleep flat on their back rather than elevated for a few weeks before shifting to sleeping on your side. Dr. Ortiz will provide you with more personalized advice and post-operative sleeping recommendations to help you get the rest you need while staying safe.

How Long Do I Need to Sleep Elevated After Breast Augmentation?

Sleeping elevated helps reduce pain and inflammation. It is recommended that you sleep inclined at a 30-45 degrees angle for a total of 6 weeks. Doing so will help you recover from plastic surgery and reduce any risks of capsular contracture.

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