Duodenal Switch Expected Weight Loss

Duodenal Switch Expected Weight Loss

Duodenal Switch Expected Weight Loss

Expected Weight Loss after Duodenal Switch Surgery

Weight loss surgery is a method of losing weight that is drastic and dramatic for most. It is a decision that has been come to with a great deal of discussion and decision making. One of the main factors in deciding if you want to go through a weight loss surgery is in knowing how much weight you can expect to lose. Specifically, regarding the surgical procedure of the duodenal switch expected weight loss.

While weight loss is sure to happen with the Duodenal Switch, there is no guarantee as to exactly how much each patient will lose or when. Some of the factors that will alter this number are how well the surgery goes, how much you adhere to the new nutrition and dietary plan, and what type of exercise plan and life changes you follow through with. These are essential when it comes to weight loss and long term results from any weight loss surgery.

Average Excess Weight Loss with Duodenal Switch

The average weight loss reported by surgeons and various studies in patients that undergo Duodenal Switch surgery is between 70% and 80% of the excess weight of that patient. This is true of patients that have long term follow up and that have made significant changes to their lifestyles. When considering these numbers it is important to realize that success in bariatric surgery is actually realized when the procedure over 50% of loss in excess weight. The success rate for these surgeries is considered to be 80% according to studies.

Excess weight is determined by a patient’s current weight subtracting what is considered a healthy weight. Professionals use percentages when discussing weight loss because each patient can experience some type of weight loss. The amount of weight loss is personal to the individuals starting numbers and excess weight. Using the base excess weight number will allow you to determine your percentage of weight loss.

Duodenal Switch Expected Weight Loss: How Much to Expect

. Patients that start out at a weight of 300 lbs. and 154 lbs. of it are excess weight. Your 70% excess weight loss would be 102.2 lbs. of weight loss.

. If your weight at the time of surgery is 275 lbs. and 125 lbs. of that is excess weight, a 65% weight loss would equate to losing 81.25 lbs.

. The numbers will vary depending on the starting weight of the individual. Then it will depend on what their excess weight is considered to be.

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