Does VASER Lipo Remove More Fat?

Does VASER Lipo Remove More Fat?

Does VASER Lipo Remove More Fat?

Are you looking for a way to fight obesity? Have you thought of undergoing liposuction? Liposuction is one the most popular cosmetic procedure in the world. That includes all types of the procedure, such as VASER Lipo and the traditional method. No matter the method, though, patients get liposuction to remove fat regardless of weight. However, each one is vastly different from each other. VASER, for example, uses ultrasound, while traditional liposuction uses motion to get those fat cells out of the body. There are other differences that set these two apart that allow them to target different audiences. And one question that patients keep bringing up during their consultation at Iranian Surgery is whether VASER removes more fat than the traditional method. Here is the answer:

Since the tradition liposuction is ideal for those with a higher BMI, those who have a large amount of fat they want to remove are better off getting the traditional method. VASER lipo limits the amount of fat it removes in a session. While there's a limit with traditional liposuction as well, it's significantly bigger so you'll need to undergo a fewer number of procedures. Traditional liposuction is also the worldwide standard with generally good results. If you have a good surgeon with skilled hands, you can achieve the results you want without going for any of those liposuctions with fancier names. Furthermore, this procedure lasts shorter than VASER, but it may require hospitalization. On the other hand, VASER is good for sculpting, like for showing more defined abs, and it's not a weight loss solution and since it requires smaller incisions, it minimizes the risks of injuries, and it will get you back to your normal life in no time.


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