Do Veneers Feel Like Real Teeth?

Do Veneers Feel Like Real Teeth?

Do Veneers Feel Like Real Teeth?

Dental veneers can look stunning when done correctly. A good cosmetic dentist will listen to your concerns to create a great smile for you. If you are considering getting dental veneers, you might be wondering how they feel in your mouth. You may be wondering if the veneers will be uncomfortable or if you will always notice them. The good news is that if your dentist has properly placed the dental veneers, they should feel natural.

What Are Veneers?

Veneers are opaque shells of dental ceramic that either partially or fully encase your teeth to give them a whiter, straighter, more movie star appearance. Veneers are tooth-colored and customized to fit your specific set of teeth, so you know that they will look as natural as possible.

Your smile is an important part of a first impression, so why not put your best foot forward with a dazzling smile? Veneers are one way to get there. With little downtime and mild after-effects, veneers are an excellent option for someone who has been insecure about their smile in the past and wants to make a change.

Why Are Dental Veneers Comfortable?

A dentist will first prepare the teeth for veneers and then take impressions of the teeth. The manufacturer will use each impression to create a customized dental veneer for each tooth. This is unlike some other types of dental veneers that are prefabricated. Dental veneers are designed to fit into the patient’s smile.

One way that a dentist helps the dental veneers fit comfortably is by preparing the teeth. This involves filing the teeth down slightly. Some people do not like the idea of removing part of their natural teeth. It is permanent and the enamel cannot be restored. However, this is a necessary step so that the dental veneers will fit the teeth properly. It also prevents the teeth from protruding in an uncomfortable way.

Limitations Of Dental Veneers

With natural teeth, a patient can eat nearly anything. However, patients may be concerned that veneers will not function like natural teeth. If the dental veneers crack or become loose, the dentist will need to replace them. The good news is that this does not often happen because veneers are about as strong as natural teeth.

As long as a patient is careful with dental veneers, the veneers will not need to be replaced. However, as with natural teeth, abuse, such as chewing on ice, can damage them. Dental veneers can last several decades with the right care. This can include:

. Getting regular dental checkups

. Avoiding chewing on pens or pencils

. Flossing and brushing as normal

. Avoiding sticky or sugary foods

Chewing on pens or eating sticky foods is not good even for natural teeth. For dental veneers, though, these actions can loosen the dental cement that holds the dental veneer on the tooth. This can cause the veneer to loosen. Eventually, it will fall off.

Decay of the tooth underneath can also cause the dental veneer to fall off. Therefore, it is important to limit sugar and brush regularly. Visiting the dentist regularly can help keep the teeth in good condition as well. A patient will want to get regular dental X-rays too.

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