Do permanent veneers look better than temporary?

Sometimes, you need to wear temporary veneers until you can get a permanent solution for your teeth. With that in mind, some people might worry about how temporary veneers look, whether permanent ones just look much better and whether they should worry about getting them? Let’s take a closer look at this dental option.

What Are Temp Veneers Made of And How Do They Look?

Temporary veneers are usually made of acrylic, which is a transparent type of plastic. It’s a popular choice in various industries because it’s light, exceptionally durable, transparent, and resistant to chemicals. Even in the rare cases when it breaks, acrylic fractures into pieces with dull edges. This isn’t a minor consideration for putting something in your mouth.

Unfortunately, acrylic isn’t suitable for long-term dental use. While durable, it’s not quite strong enough to withstand the constant stress of chewing. Temporary veneers can also pop off if they get too much pressure from the wrong direction.

So, do temporary veneers look bad? In most cases, no. Since these veneers are clear, most people won’t even notice you’re wearing them. However, they could reveal large cracks or other damaged areas on your tooth’s surface, so rather than looking bad, they may fail to make your smile look good. This is an important distinction.

Why Might Temporary Veneers Be Necessary?

The main reason to wear a temporary veneer is to protect your tooth while a lab creates a permanent veneer. Most dentists cannot create custom-made permanent veneers on-site, and it could take up to several weeks for them to be made and delivered. If you need to protect your tooth in the meantime, temporary veneers are often the best choice.

In that sense, the question of whether or not temporary veneers look bad is less important. Safety always comes first, and since these are temporary by nature, even looking bad for a short time should not be a significant issue. Temporary veneers have a number of other benefits, including being extremely affordable and usually not requiring any additional drilling or sedation. You may need to go through that anyway if your dentist is preparing your tooth, but it’s not always the case.

So, are Permanent and Temporary Veneers Look Very Different?

The answer is, not really. Temporary veneers are almost the same. Before you embark on a permanent fixed solution to get a smile makeover (a smile makeover can involve veneers or crowns or composite veneers) and before you start the process of permanent cementation, you will actually want to see what the veneers look like! Or what the general smile makeover will look like. Because when it’s cemented permanently, it’s there for a long, long time. You’re looking at five, 10, 15, 20 years.

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