Do Jaw Fillers Hurt?

Do Jaw Fillers Hurt?

Does jaw filler hurt more than lips?

Pain can be subjective, and some people may feel more discomfort than others when receiving jaw filler injections.

Talk to your doctor ahead of time if you’re anxious about the discomfort you anticipate.

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Before you receive any filler injections, your practitioner may numb the area with a topical cream or other type of local anesthetic.

If you’re in the hands of an experienced injector, jaw filler injections shouldn’t hurt. You may feel brief pressure or a strange sensation with each injection, but likely not much more than that.

You may feel a small amount of pain or discomfort at the injection sites once the numbing cream wears off. This shouldn’t last for more than 1 day.

Severe or lasting pain, while unlikely, warrants an immediate call to your doctor.



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