cystocele and rectocele at the same time

A cystocele happens when the bladder pushes against weakened tissue in the vagina and drops down into the vagina. A rectocele happens when the rectum bulges into the vagina. These problems can cause discomfort, leaking of urine or bowel movements, bladder infections, constipation, and pain during sex. Surgery may be done to relieve these symptoms. After the surgery you should be able to urinate normally again and you should have better bowel control. You may be able to go back to your usual activities without leaking urine. Bulging and feelings of pressure in the vagina will be relieved. Sex should be more comfortable.

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In a cystocele, there is a defect in the fascia between the bladder and vagina. This allows a part of the bladder wall to bulge into the vagina. There are 3 grades of cystocele:


In a rectocele, there is a defect in the fascia between the rectum and the vagina. This allows part of the wall of the rectum to bulge into the vagina.


he sooner that a cystocele or rectocele is treated, the better the outcome. If you suspect you have this condition, contact your doctor.

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