Can I Lose Weight After a Tummy Tuck?

Can I Lose Weight After a Tummy Tuck?

Can I Lose Weight After a Tummy Tuck?

You can absolutely lose weight after a tummy tuck. However, the amount of weight you will lose after this procedure, also known as abdominoplasty, depends on several factors. Some of these factors include how much excess skin you have, how much fat you need to be removed, the type of abdominoplasty you undergo, and how much weight you need to lose.

. Excess Skin

Regarding weight loss after abdominoplasty, excess skin may be the most significant factor. If you have previously had a bariatric procedure, you can easily have 10 pounds of excess skin hanging from your abdomen. We have even seen clients lose 15 pounds of skin following abdominoplasty.

If you are seeking abdominoplasty to restore your stomach after an injury, pregnancy, natural weight loss, or age, you probably will only lose two to five pounds of excess skin after this procedure. However, losing excess skin can make exercise easier. This can spur significant weight loss after the procedure.

. Excess Abdominal Fat

Another factor that plays a large role in determining how much weight you can lose after abdominoplasty is how much excess abdominal fat you have. During this procedure, excess abdominal fat is excised. Clients often have a couple of pounds of excess abdominal fat excised

If you have a fair bit of excess abdominal fat, you may benefit from liposuction in addition to your abdominoplasty. With the help of liposuction, you can safely have up to 11 pounds of abdominal fat removed. Combined with the two to 15 pounds you can lose from excess skin, you’re looking at up to 28 pounds you can lose with abdominoplasty.

. Type of Abdominoplasty

There are three types of tummy tuck you may undergo. A mini tuck only addresses loose skin and excess fat beneath the navel. If you undergo this procedure, you won’t lose as much weight as you would with a full tuck or an extended tuck. A full tuck addresses excess skin and fat found both below and above the navel.

With a full tuck, you will lose more weight than you would with a mini tuck because you probably have more excess skin and fat to be removed. Finally, the opportunity to lose the most weight after abdominoplasty is reserved for clients who choose an extended tuck. This type of abdominoplasty addresses the same issues as a full tuck but also your back, hips, and sides.

. Overall Excess Body Fat

The fourth determining factor that affects how much weight you can lose after abdominoplasty is how much excess body fat you have to lose overall. Because excess skin removal makes exercise easier, you can lose as much fat as your body has in excess.

Typically, our clients have a couple of pounds of excess fat excised during the procedure. Then, they proceed to lose an additional eight pounds after the procedure. This is because a good candidate is at or near his or her goal weight. Therefore, he or she only has around 10 pounds of excess fat left to lose.

Can I Gain Weight After Abdominoplasty?

Unfortunately, it is possible to gain weight after abdominoplasty. Note, the procedure permanently removes fat cells from the abdomen and your body cannot replace them. However, not all fat cells are removed. If you consume excess calories after your procedure, the remaining fat cells in your abdomen may expand and negate the results of your procedure.

How Can I Maintain Weight After Abdominoplasty?

If you are already at your goal weight when you receive abdominoplasty, or you reach your goal weight after the procedure, you can maintain your goal weight with dedication. Weight maintenance, just like weight fluctuation, is nothing more than a numbers game. You simply need to consume only the amount of calories your body needs to maintain its weight.


Watching your diet carefully is the single most important thing you can do to help you maintain your ideal weight after abdominoplasty. You don’t have to give up bread or beer. But you need to make sure you’re making healthy choices most of the time. For instance, avoid processed foods and beverages as much as you can.


If you can’t help but drink a soda every now and again, and it doesn’t fit into your daily calorie allowance, go for a jog to negate the extra calories. Whether you are trying to lose or maintain body fat, exercise is vital to your health, body fat percentage, and overall aesthetic. Aim for 150 minutes of moderate cardio weekly if you’re trying to maintain weight.

If you don’t have time to perform 150 minutes of cardio weekly, aim for an hour of high-intensity interval training or 75 minutes of vigorous cardio weekly. You should also try to perform resistance training three times per week to make weight maintenance easier.

3 Common Weight Loss Mistakes to Avoid After Abdominoplasty

  1. Focusing Only on the Stomach

Most of our clients want to lose more weight after their abdominoplasty. But they often make mistakes. The most common mistake we see is focusing only on the abdomen when they want to lose weight. There is nothing wrong with incorporating abdominal exercises, like crunches and sit-ups, in your workout routine.

These exercises, along with planks, bicycles, and leg lifts are great for toning your new sleek, svelte abdomen. But they burn hardly any calories at all. Depending on intensity level and body weight, the average person can only burn between three and nine calories per minute with these exercises.

  1. Having Unrealistic Expectations

You may have 10 to 30 pounds of excess fat to lose after your abdominoplasty. You may feel inspired and motivated to complete your weight loss journey after your procedure. However, if you have unrealistic expectations about weight loss, you will not complete your weight loss journey. If you want to reach your goal weight too quickly, you may decrease calorie consumption excessively.

If you cut too much from your diet, you may stick to it for six months to a year. However, you need to make changes that are sustainable for the rest of your life. When you finally reach your goal weight, you want to be able to maintain your new body weight for life. Focus on eating more nutrient-dense foods to fuel your body and keep it full while minimizing processed foods.

  1. Doing Too Much

Just as you can cut too much from your diet, you can add too much to your exercise routine too quickly after your procedure. Your motivation may be at an 11 out of 10, but your body can only push itself so far. Even after your body has recovered from your abdominoplasty, it still needs adequate recovery time between workouts.

To avoid derailing your fitness and weight loss goals, try to not target the same muscle groups two days in a row. Let’s say you focus on compound exercises, like deadlifts, power cleans, and weighted back squats, on Tuesday. You shouldn’t target your legs by performing hamstring curls, leg presses, and weighted toe raises on Wednesday.

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